Congratulations on the Wedding – When and How

    Has a family member, a friend, or a colleague informed you they are getting married? Regardless of whether you are invited to the wedding or not, it’s good manners to congratulate the couple on this new chapter of their lives. But how should one best convey wedding congratulations?

    In this article, we answer your questions and give you some tips and inspiration on how you can congratulate the couple and design your wedding congratulation card.

    When and How to Extend Congratulations to the Bride and Groom? The joyful news has been announced: one of your loved ones is getting married! Seize the opportunity to congratulate him or her. Do not hesitate to also send a message with the best wishes for the marriage to the partner, if he or she is not present at the time of the announcement.

    If you have received a wedding invitation, it is customary to respond as soon as possible. To convey your congratulations and to confirm your attendance at the celebrations.

    Sending a Wedding Congratulation Card You can send a lovely wedding congratulation card and a little personal message for the bride and groom in response to the invitation. If you prefer, you can naturally also respond to the invitation via SMS or email. notebook printing

    Can’t attend the ceremony? Not to worry: you can still convey your congratulations either upon the announcement of the wedding or upon receiving the invitation card. You can send a wedding card to the bride and groom and refer to a sample text that we present later in this article. You can also contact the happy couple directly by phone or email. Even if you can’t be there to celebrate together, your message will surely bring joy!

    On the big day, there are several significant moments when you can congratulate the bride and groom:

    1. Upon leaving the registry office and/or the church,
    2. During the meal, when the bride and groom make their rounds of the tables,
    3. During a speech…

    Some couples opt to have a wedding urn in the banquet hall. You can drop one of the provided congratulation cards, which you have naturally filled out with a personal message, into this box.

    Some couples prefer a guestbook. The book, laid out in the banquet hall, invites the sharing of congratulations, as well as little anecdotes or advice for a successful marriage. Be creative and speak from the heart! The guestbook allows the bride and groom to collect the most beautiful congratulations in one place and relive the emotions of the wedding as they browse through it.

    After the celebrations, you can also send a final card to the couple. This is a good opportunity to thank the bride and groom for sharing this joyful moment with you and to once again congratulate them on this new phase of life.

    Sending a Wedding Congratulation Card Address all your congratulations to the bride and groom with a beautiful, personal wedding congratulation card. Even if it’s not obligatory, it is sure to enchant the couple!

    This card is sent after the announcement of the wedding or upon receiving the invitation card. You can send the congratulation card along with the response card so that the bride and groom receive your congratulations together with your response to the invitation.

    If you attended the wedding, you can also send this card after the celebration. This is the ideal time to congratulate the couple again and to thank them for the wonderful celebration, the delicious food, and the moments spent together.

    Do not hesitate to choose a personal congratulation card (or create one yourself!), perhaps with a photo you took of the couple during the wedding. Write your congratulations on the card, maybe add a small quote or poem, and include a cheque, a voucher, or other personal gifts.

    Traditionally, this card is sent upon receiving the wedding invitation, but it can also be used to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Complete your congratulation card with a personal dedication and send it to the happy couple shortly before or after the wedding day.

    Examples of Congratulations on the Wedding Depending on your relationship with the bride and groom, the congratulations may differ.

    If your brother, sister, or a good friend is getting married, you can certainly get a bit more personal: How about memories of the past or an anecdote about the couple’s first meeting?

    If, however, you do not know the couple very well, it’s better to opt for a classic wedding congratulation or a quote that suits the occasion.

    Remember who will read your congratulations: the guestbook, for example, will be made available to all guests, unlike your congratulation card. Therefore, avoid anecdotes that might not be well received by, for instance, the parents of the groom!

    To help you in your search for inspiration for your congratulations, we have compiled some examples of text for wedding congratulations further down in this article. Whether classic, humorous, poetic, or loving: Choose the template that inspires you and compose a message that comes from the heart and best expresses your emotions.

    Examples of Classic Wedding Congratulations To congratulate the couple in a classic and elegant way, a simple sentence is enough. Discover some examples here. Perfectly suitable for congratulating an acquaintance, a colleague, friends, or a family member on their wedding. These sentences fit on a card with wedding congratulations or also in the guestbook.

    • Many congratulations! We wish you all the best for your life together.
    • Warmest congratulations! We wish you all the happiness in the world for your shared life.
    • Many congratulations! We are delighted to have been by your side to celebrate your big day and wish you a life together filled with joy and love.
    • Congratulations! The whole family wishes you all the best for this new chapter in your life.
    • We wish you all the best for your new journey together!
    • Thank you for this wonderful day and we wish you all the best as you start your life as a married couple.
    • We wish you love, happiness, and a good sense of humour. Thank you for letting us share this incredible day with you. May your love last a lifetime.

    Humorous Wedding Congratulations Is it the wedding of your best friend or a relative whom you know inside out and have seen flourish in the relationship? Use the opportunity to mention some shared memories or the first meeting of the lovers. You can also narrate an anecdote with humour – a little wink that should please the bride and groom!

    If you are looking for the perfect congratulation text for this occasion, then look at some examples here to get inspired:

    • Finally! It’s almost 10 years since your eyes met and 8 years that we’ve impatiently waited for this big day. Now it has finally arrived! Many congratulations to the bride and groom!
    • The time has come: you have said “I do,” for better or for worse! So be reassured – with the cake that’s been cut incorrectly, the worst is already over 😉
    • Dear Matthew, you finally have the ring on your finger! You’ll understand that I congratulate Sophie first on this heroic deed 😉 I wish you a life together filled with love, happiness, and contentment!
    • Congratulations on your wedding! And as the saying goes: “They lived happily and had many children…”. Even if it’s not quite time for children yet 😉
    • “Marrying means finding solutions together for problems one would never have had alone.” Hoping that there are only a few problems and your shared happiness is endless! Many congratulations!

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