6 Advantages of a Career as a Lorry Driver

    The advantages of being a lorry driver are clear to many drivers. Beautiful journeys on the roads of Europe, a sense of freedom, transporting essential goods and products, and so forth. But even if you are already aware of some of the key benefits, there might be advantages to being a lorry driver that you have not considered before.

    What are the advantages of being a lorry driver?

    Whether you are considering your career options for the first time or are looking for a new career, here are the key benefits of being a lorry driver.

    Job Security

    Lorry drivers are a crucial part of our workforce, and they are not going away anytime soon. The Netherlands currently has 150,000 drivers. A few years ago, this number was 125,000. There are 143,000 lorries (including vans and articulated lorries/trailer combinations) in the Netherlands.
    The statistics don’t lie – the lorry sector is a massive industry, and it is only going to continue growing. An average employment growth of 5% is predicted over the next 10 years. It is therefore safe to assume that there will continue to be demand for lorry drivers in the near future.

    Stable Income

    The purpose of a job is to be able to support oneself and/or one’s family. One of the key benefits of a job as a lorry driver is, therefore, the salary. While the exact salary you receive will depend on the type of route you drive or the kind of load you transport, there is one thing you can count on: a steady income.


    As a lorry driver, freedom is one of your key benefits. You can safely drive on the road and are not stuck in a cubicle all day. Your office is the road; you are not tied down to endless meetings and paperwork, and no one is looking over your shoulder while you work. Enjoy your freedom on the open road!

    This freedom also extends to the kind of routes you drive. Even if you have a fixed schedule and a fixed route, the types of routes you drive during your career can vary greatly, depending on your skills; you can expand your skills through training and then apply for different positions if you need a change. As a lorry driver, you can, for example, drive shorter routes where you can be home every evening, you can drive longer routes where you have to be away for a few days in a row, or you can drive even longer international routes where you are on the road for a week or more. You have the freedom to choose what suits you best.


    Again, depending on the type of route you drive, there may be the opportunity to travel and see parts of Europe you might never have seen otherwise.
    There are thousands of interesting places to visit in Europe. However, many people cannot afford extensive travel. As a lorry driver, you get the chance to see places you might not otherwise visit. If you opt for a long-distance route, you will also meet a wide variety of people in different parts of the country. Some drivers can travel with someone, and sometimes even pets come along for the ride! Doesn’t sitting comfortably in your cab sound better than staring at a blank wall all workday?!

    Time to Learn

    Sometimes, the long hours that lorry drivers spend on the road are seen by outsiders as a downside. But the reality is that all those miles on the road give you something many people would kill for: time. As a lorry driver, you can use this in various ways to your advantage, but one of them is that you can use it to expand your knowledge. This doesn’t even have to be strictly lorry-related education. Many lorry drivers listen to audiobooks or various courses or other similar educational content while driving.
    Of course, you can also just use this time to listen to your favourite music or even just enjoy the silence and the sounds of the road.


    An important aspect of any job is the opportunity to grow. And one of the key benefits of being a lorry driver is that the opportunities for growth are numerous. There are many ways to grow in a job like this – whether it’s getting a different position in a lorry company or adjusting your driving skills through various endorsements that open you up to better-paid jobs.
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