“Donbass character”


I have talked to Bogdan Dmitriev who was fired at by the “Colorados” in Stakhanov. The guy is 16 years old, his friend (with whom they tried to set the flag) is 15. I have got to know a lot of interesting details. For example, they had to call the police several times: Bogdan says that they “inanely hung up”. It took 45 minutes for the duty detail to come. Cops hate the guys for their pro-Ukrainian position and do not really hide that. The officer of the criminal investigation department who interrogated Bogdan had St. George’s ribbon hanging in his office. Continue reading

One of the cars with the flag of the Republic of Donetsk and the Guards Ribbon on the hood

One of the cars with the flag of the Republic of DonetskToday one of our informants in Slovyansk observed movement of two militant cars with flashing lights and flags of the Republic of Donetsk. Usually both these cars (white Skoda Octavia and Honda CRV) are situated near the town hall without license plates. About one hour ago they passed through the city limits at high speed.
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Russian troopsIt’s hard to fathom that groups of armed men in masks suddenly sprang forward from the population in eastern Ukraine and systematically began to occupy government facilities.  It’s hard to fathom because it’s simply not true.  What is happening in eastern Ukraine is a military operation that is well planned and organized and we assess that it is being carried out at the direction of Russia.            Continue reading

Memory Eternal to another Hero of Ukraine

Gennady BilichenkoMemory Eternal to another Hero of Ukraine laid to rest today after being killed by Russian terrorists this week – Gennady Bilichenko.

Special Officer of SSU “Alpha”, Gennady Bilichenko, was killed by Russian commandos on April 13th. The Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal investigation on charges of terrorism and murder, and these persons will be announced on the international wanted list. Continue reading

Defense Battalion to Fight Russian Saboteurs Created in Donetsk


Ukrainians of Donetsk created a Defense Battalion to fight Russian saboteurs. “On the basis of the Decree “On Partial Mobilization” by the Acting President of Ukraine and directives of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine to establish the 25th territorial defense battalion of Donetsk region, feeling no support from the government and stating sabotage, betrayal of some employees of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine, understanding responsibility for my actions in accordance with the Criminal Code of Ukraine, being the UA Navy Captain-Lieutenant in the reserve I take full responsibility for the formation of the 25th territorial defense battalion of Donetsk region”, said the UA Navy Captain-Lieutenant in the reserve Semen Sementchenko. Continue reading

Tatar Guy Beaten for Speaking in Vernacular


In Crimea a Tatar boy was beaten for speaking his native tongue; the assailants shouted “Crimea is Russia”. You can see Russian fascism afoot. The residents of the Simferopol district Ak-Mechet’ gathered on the occasion of slaughter of 14 years old Crimean Tatar guy who, according to his relatives, was beaten up for talking on the phone in vernacular. The incident occurred on March 31 about 5 pm when the guy was returning home from school. But the general public got to know about that only after the meeting on Wednesday, April 9. Continue reading

Russian Federation Fortifies Northern Crimea Border with Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

UraganThe head of the Crimean media center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev said that the Russian Federation fortifies the border in the Northern Crimea with Multiple Launch Rocket Systems “Uragan” (“Hurricane”), large caliber artillery and troops. “The border in the Northern Crimea is tightly fortified (by the Russian Armed Forces — Ed.). MRLSes “Uragan” (“Hurricane”), large caliber artillery are drawn up to the north of Crimea. Continue reading

Ukrainian Major Killed by Russian Occupants

Crimea. Russian OccupantsIn the evening of April 6 in Crimea the Russian occupier shot to death the Ukrainian officer who remained true to the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people. In particular, in Novofedorivka at 23:45 Junior Sergeant of Russian Armed Forces E.S.Zaitsev made two point-blank shots at the Major K. (serviceman of the military unit 1100), who was in his room in the officers hostel and prepared for departure to the mainland. Continue reading