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Feb 04, 2017 · Water does not go into the vagina unless you're trying to get it in there. Here's a handy diagram of the female anatomy. When you look at the area labeled vagina, you'll see some pink flesh behind it. That is the vaginal wall. If you stick a finge. It might contribute to vaginal infections. Bathing, whether or not the water gets in your vag, DOES contribute to UTIs for many people, so yes it may be an issue for you as well. Taking a clean bath (no products, no soaps!) will help, if bathing in plain water would be enjoyable for you.

Water trapped in Vagina after bath. qtjen77 posted: Every time I take a bath, I cannot get dressed right away. For the next 1/2 hour or sometimes longer, the water continually leaks out from my vagina. It never used to do this before, it's just been in the past year or . Jan 29, 2015 · I really enjoyed my first vaginal steam bath and do feel that it helped me detox and heal. Vaginal steams are now going to be integrated into my regular self care routine. Self care is so important! Whether it’s something a little far out there like a vaginal steam bath or something more main stream like a .

Vaginal entrapment of bathwater or other fluids of immersion has yet to be considered in the literature as a condition that may masquerade as urinary incontinence. We present 2 cases of females presenting with what could be considered urinary leakage, but is actually secondary to vaginal entrapment of bathwater.Author: Karen Psooy, Jason P. Archambault. When you are the pool, bath, or in any other way submerged, does water go inside your vagina? If so, what happens when you get out? Does it absorb like an enema, or does it leave like water from the ears? I had this thought in the shower a yesterday and it's been eating away at my brain for the past 48 hours.