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Jury Awards $26 Million To Executive Fired Over Racy "Seinfeld" Rhyme. This article was edited and reviewed by FindLaw Attorney Writers. A Wisconsin jury recently awarded $26.6 million, $18 million of which were punitive damages, to a former Miller Brewing Company executive who was terminated after he was accused of sexual harassment by a coworker. Sep 15, 2017 · The CEO of a $4 billion startup is resigning immediately following sexual harassment allegations against the company. SoFi, a company that provides student .

Mar 29, 2014 · 'Seinfeld' joke gets man canned for harassment | | The Des Moines Register Cedar Falls man who repeated a gag from the "Seinfeld" show while at work has been fired for sexual harassment. It's the second case of an Iowan being fired for harassment stemming from an episode of the popular comedy series. Dr. Randall Gibb was fired May 21 as CEO of Billings Clinic. Complaint filed by woman claiming sexual harassment by former Billings Clinic CEO alleging she was sexually harassed by its Author: JULIANA SUKUT [email protected]

Aug 29, 2018 · Barnes & Noble Inc. was sued on Tuesday by a former chief executive officer who said the largest U.S. bookstore chain falsely accused him of violating its sexual harassment . May 18, 2017 · Media titan Roger Ailes, who resigned from his positions as chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network amid sexual harassment Author: Katie Little.

Oct 19, 2017 · After the New York Times and The New Yorker exposés ousted Harvey Weinstein from a seemingly impenetrable Hollywood throne, unveiling his true nature as a sexual predator, the floodgates opened.One by one, women who had lived in silence about their own experiences of sexual harassment and assault — whether due to negative career repercussions, fear of not being believed, shame, Author: Julie Ma. Jul 28, 1997 · The Milwaukee Business Journal features local business news about Milwaukee. We also provide tools to help businesses grow, network and hire.Author: Alby Gallun.

The 20 Most Scandalous Sexual-Harassment Cases of All Time. Updated: May 18, 2009. In the 1990s, the United States experienced the beginnings of a sexual- harassment revolution, as the number of cases increased, the average profile of victims changed and more laws were created in order to set new precedents and protect individuals against sexual predators. “Beauty provokes harassment, the law says, but it looks through men's eyes when deciding what provokes it.” “When a stranger on the street makes a sexual comment, he is making a private assessment of me public. And though I’ve never been seriously worried that I .