Warning to the West: Ukrainians will not accept playing the role of a small coin

ConflictOn February 5th, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko hosted a trilateral meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President of France Francois Hollande at his presidential administration offices in Kyiv.

Media sources across the globe have made use of the controlled leak of information about the meeting,  new Franco-German initiative exposed is, essentially, another attempt to “gain the Beast’s favor” by letting him eat up the next piece of Ukrainian territory.  Of course, all of this is wrapped in slogans promoting the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the «uncertain status» of the area controlled by the terrorists of the DNR, LNR and the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian territory.

 A reminder should be given about the Crimean peninsula occupied by Russia in March 2014, where the old and newly deployed military bases of the Russian Federation have been strengthened. These military bases can be determining factors in the aggravation of the situation in the Black Sea region with Crimea used as a bridgehead for missile strikes not only into the territory of into mainland Ukraine but also into neighbouring countries. Currently, it seems to be impossible but as practice shows the XXI century is ruled by the same law as it was hundreds of years ago — the law of arms and power.

Countries armed with the nuclear baton allow themselves to attack smaller countries and encroach on their territory integrity and inviolability, though they actually declared in international treaties that it was precisely this integrity and inviolability that they would uphold.

However, Ukrainians don’t belong to the nations which can be brought to their knees. While colluding with the enemy, Ukrainian and European countries leaders forget that the Kremlin puts its money where its mouth is and that it doesn’t give a whit for signatures on paper; there is no other law but the law of force.

If Europe hopes to lull the Russian Beast with Ukraine, it is deeply mistaken, as the Beast is insatiable and having plunged one European country into war, it will soon continue with the second and the third …

Politicians, Presidents and Oligarchs, we would like to warn you: Ukrainians are neither meat nor a small coin in your political intrigues, and one day the time will come when new Titans will arise in the heart of Ukrainians as their spirit has already been roused on Maidan and hardened under fire…

Do you think we are joking? – No, it’s just the beginning…

InformNapalm Team

Translated by Marina Kharkova

Edited by James Hydzik