The War in Donbas: Operational Situation in the Donetsk Region as at September 24, 2014


On the back of the Minsk agreements, internecine clashes between militants get worse. Gangs that accept the peace agreements confront with the opponents objecting to the agreements accepted by the contact group of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

For example, as a result of the conflict, on the night from September 20 to September 21, onf of the groups of militants destroyed two cars with personnel of the other group with mortar fire.

On the night of September 23 to 24, as a result of internecine clashes, two leaders of the Donetsk group of militants were killed: Leonid Ichitovkin (1953 YOB) and Igor Bukhantsev (1986 YOB). We do not have accurate data as to what caused their “sudden death” but according to two sources from Donetsk, the incident happened as a result of failed negotiations between the parties in conflict.

On September 24, militants caused a stir once again. In the first half of the day one of terrorist groups shelled three vehicles from a 120 mm mortar. Two of those vehicles were the part of the RP-377LA Lorandit complex for radio detection, direction finding and jamming, the third vehicle was the R-330ZH Zhitel jamming communication station. Both “Zhitel” and “Lorandit” were actively use by the EW (electronic warfare) units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This incident happened in the area of the Petrivske forestry of Donetsk.

Two days ago our sources reported that after sabotage with blowing up of 4 artillery systems had been detected, the Chechen group of militants came to take a swing at the Cossack group of terrorists, which resulted in stabbing. Unfortunately, we do not have information on the outcome of that “friendly match”.

Despite the declared truce, some terrorist groups continue to shell not only emplacements of Ukrainian military, but residential areas as well.

Not only do terrorists fail to comply with the conditions of withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line, but they also conduct attacks on emplacements of Ukrainian forces. For example, today at around 13:00 militants from the local separatists began the first assault in the area of Nikishin (Donetsk region). The attack was conducted by infantry (approximately 100 fighters). However, Ukrainian forces repulsed the attack, the militants suffered heavy losses. There were no casualties among the Ukrainian military.

By Roman Burko