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Snow cones are made by shaving ordinary ice cubes from your freezer. They are quick and easy to make and kids love them! Shaved Ice. Shaved ice is often sold at roadside stands and mobile units. It's a fine and fluffy ice - mimicking real snow. It has many names - Shaved Ice, Shave Ice, SnoBalls, Shavers and (most commonly) Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Snowie is the shaved ice business. It has been Snowie all along that has driven every improvement and exciting new product to date. The Flavor Station was a Snowie creation that has revolutionized the snow cone business and popularity of shaved ice. The Flavor Station allows guests to add their own combination of snow cone syrups and flavors to.

Shop professional shaved ice & snow cone machines, syrups, concentrates, vending carts, trailers, supplies and more. Start a shaved ice business today! Hawaiian Shaved Ice carries everything you need to make homemade snow cones. Browse 100 of the best snow cone syrup flavors in the industry! Select any of our cheap snow cone machines or find the best shaved ice machine for home use! Our high quality machines are perfect for kids and adults to enjoy a yummy, icy treat anytime! Hawaiian Shaved.

Mar 03, 2019 · Once the ice is totally frozen solid, skip down to the section on how to temper your ice. It’s crucial that you get it to the proper temperature before you start to use it, or you won’t get the right texture from your shaved ice or snow cones. Freezing Ice For a Cube Ice Shaver. Kona Ice® Production. Enjoy the Experience. Our intellectual property is protected by the following U.S. Patents: 8,157,136 April 7, 2012 9,321,387 April 26, 2016 9,751,447 September 5, 2017 site maintained by Web Design Company WebTec.

If you have a business selling shaved ice and snow cones or if you'd like to start one, you'll first need to stock up on these necessary shaved ice supplies. Luckily, 1-800-Shaved-Ice carries an impressive selection of all of the necessities, including snow cone cups, serving and mixing supplies, shaved ice signs and much more.Founded: Apr 02, 2003. SnoWizard, Inc. Since 1936, the Original New Orleans SnoBall! Flavor concentrates, supplies and equipment for making shaved ice, SnoBalls, and snow cones.