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Jan 05, 2010 · dog: month old male..started bleeding small amounts..playful My 9 month old male dog started bleeding small amounts out of his penis this evening.It is not constant and is more like a slight drip. He has only urinated 3 times today and has not wanted to drink m . Jul 25, 2010 · My German Shepherd is bleeding from his penis, it stops and starts. My vet said it was because a neighbours bitch was in season but now it is not in season and my dog is still bleeding vet has suggest read more.

Rating: bleeding from the penis NEW by: Anonymous I had the same problem with my male neutered, he bled so bad i took him to the ER 24 Vet. they did ultrasounds all kinds of test and they couldn't find the problem. he was bleeding to death. they try to stop the bleed and it . Bleeding from the penis ripleymt. My dog is an 8-yr-old border collie and has started having blood dripping from his penis on & off for the last month or so. We took him to the vet & she thought it was either a UTI or prostatitis (infection of the prostate). Male has several bleeding eposodes also, and been on antibotics. Just went off.

Urinary, reproductive tracts can be causes of dog’s bleeding Marsha recently noticed blood coming from her dog’s penis. The reproductive tract of a male dog consists of the testicles. Answer (1 of 16): Either this is an injury to the penis, or there is a problem with another part of the urinary tract. Second possibility is that there is a bleeding disorder in the body that is only just starting to show. You must also know that small amounts of blood coming out from the penis are normal from dogs that have not been neutered, but not if this is a regular occurrence.

Because the penis has so many blood vessels it will bleed very easily if cut. I had a similar case that took about 10 days to stop bleeding, but in my case the dog did not have a platelet problem. Likely, the bleeding will stop within the next few days. If he allows it, you can try putting an ice pack on the area to help reduce any bleeding. Problems affecting a dog's penis are uncomfortable and may be a sign of a potentially serious health condition. This guide will help you determine if your dog’s penis is healthy or if you need to make a call to your veterinarian.

Male Dog Problems and Care. Bleeding from penis - German Shepherd. Question: Dear Dr. Michael, I am having a problem with my GSD "K-9". He is 3 years old and for .