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identifying vintage coke machines - Cavalier Coke Machine History and Serial Number Chart

Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Coke Machines. In the early part of the 20th century, most corner grocery stores kept their inventories of bottled. Collecting Vintage Coke Machines on eBay. Buyers enjoying the ease and convenience of shopping on eBay can find a variety of vintage Coke machines for sale whether to use, restore, or collect. The oldest ones simply fit on top of a chest-style cooler, allowing you to slip your money into a slot before grabbing your bottle of Coke.

1936- the mid 1960’s Cavalier Coke Machines. Grand America Jukebox offers Cavalier Coca Cola Machine history and Serial Numbers, for machines made between 1936-the mid 1960’s. To establish the date a Cavalier Coca Cola machine was built, first locate the Brass ID tag fastened to the cabinet.Author: Jeff. identifying make and model of soda machines Please remember soda machines are NOT made by the brand that they vend but are made by different manufacturing companies for the soda bottlers.

How do I ID Old Coke Machines? By Tom Becker ; Updated April 12, 2017. Serial and model numbers on vintage Coke machines are usually located on the back of the machine, often near the manufacturer's name. They can be printed on paper labels, metal plates, or engraved onto the machine. The bottle Coke machines can store multiple 6.5 oz. servings of your favorite carbonated beverages. The vintage Coke machine plugs into most standard-size outlets and also includes the option of being coin operated. Own a piece of Coca-Cola history and shop any time of the day or night.