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Apr 23, 2012 · People are always looking for cool and creative ways to display their collections of postcards. Here are a few ideas: A wall display. A cork board. Pinned along the edges of shelves. Frame them in groups or collages. Attach them to a huge map of the world. Have a curtain full of them.Reviews: 36. Mar 05, 2015 · BOTTOM ROW: Use a card carousel to keep stacks of postcards at the ready. They can be a lot of fun to shuffle through, and with this storage method, they're all easily accessible while being easily corralled. Via Curious Sofa. Use a vintage pants hanger to feature a rotating cast of cards. Via The Handmade Home.Author: Carolyn Purnell.

Apr 01, 2014 · I've been debating for years (literally) on how to display my great-grandmother's postcard collection. I have a box of post cards, magazines, travel maps, etc that were passed on to me. They've been in a box for years, but what good is that?! Here were my requirements for repurposing these postcards: I want to keep. Any way you can display pictures you can display postcards. They make a compelling picture on their own. Adding some information such as when you were there and whom you went with, or who sent you the postcard and when they were there, makes postcards more interesting. Frame the postcards as you would a picture. You can display them on your walls.

Sep 02, 2015 · This is probably the easiest and elegant ways of showcasing those postcards – a simple bordered frame is the perfect way to display postcards. Whether in a big frame like above, or perhaps one that will allow for 4 x 4 postcards, both will be wonderful ways to add some art to your home. DIY Vintage Postcard Gallery (& how to cut matte frames) (&& Blog Hop &&& a Link Party) Basically here are her steps: Step 1: Choose your postcards. Ok, I want these ones Step 2: Decide the frame size you need. Well, I’ll buy some 8×8 frames like she did. Step 3: Order custom mattes for $11 per frame. It’s OK It’s worth it. Nope, not doing that.

Tear the postcards into leaf-shaped pieces, then pin them to a foam ring to create a vintage wreath that you can display all year long. For vintage postcard holiday decorations, cut and fold. Display the postcards on your office desk, beneath that protective glass sheet. Likewise, if you have a glass top dining or coffee table at home, they would look great and be preserved there, too. How to Display Travel PostcardsAuthor: Emily Fazio.

Creative Ways to display your postcards collection. See more ideas about Bedroom decor, Creativity and DIY Bedroom Decor. Jun 10, 2011 · Keep everything in a box so you’ll have a set place to file away the items you want to send back one day. Keep emails in a dedicated digital folder so you can include them as well. You might want to be sneaky—write letters and notes to your .