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Mar 25, 2015 · Markets Beyond the booze: Investing and collecting liquor bottles, miniatures, labels, and other items. Collecting liquor bottles can be an engaging interest especially to those who love alcohol because of the bottles’ aesthetically diverse designs.Author: J. Frank Sigerson. Stripping the Wash (First run) Pot stills can be used to "strip" the wash, prior to a reflux distillation. By passing the wash once through a pot still, it will be increased in purity from say 10-15% up to 40-60%, reducing it in volume by 4/5th.

US REVENUE TOBACCO and liquor stamps and strips, small collection - $2.25. US Revenue Tobacco and liquor stamps and strips, small collection. Various faults as usual on many of these. Stock sheets not included. Please check my other auctions, as I combine shipping. Thanks for looking! 202752011730. Aug 11, 2018 · hey Jeff. Not specifically. The VanDam catalogue doesn't include tobacco stamps, but C.D. Ryan's Catalogue of Federal Tobacco Stamps of Canada (June 2013) lists the tobacco strip as an RP1869 'Series of 1942 - Black Denominations and No Serial Numbers starting 1965.'.

These are 4 "tax paid" stamps for beer and liquor. The Orange one is for 1/2 barrel fermented malt liquor, and it is punched "A B Inc 12 20 33", the 2 State of Illinois stamps are both for three gallons of beer - one is punched "M.B. Co. 9 9 36" and the other is punched "M.B. Co. 8 31 36". Yoga one month, drinking the next.:) The only liquor I have at home is Pastis, and the occasional vodka or gin. So when I decided to do a bit of research for #25 on my 30 Before 30 list, I first of all discovered that I should call it a liquor collection, as alcohol collection is clearly the wrong name.

5 Luxury Liquors to Consider for Your Collection. liquor's share of overall alcohol sales jumped to 35% last year from 29% in 2000. That's cut beer's share of the market from 56% to 48% during Author: Jason Notte. Liquor World Las Vegas.

Welcome to Liquor Collectors Corner. We specialize in collectible liquor bottles. We carry collectible bottles in all types of liquor and carry alot of brands such . From Scotch and bourbon to cognac, collecting vintage spirits. Collector’s Edition. Posted on Mar 02, 2010. you no doubt have a prized bottle safely tucked away in the back of your liquor cabinet. The good news is that while you work up the nerve to drink it, the liquor, if stored properly, can last for decades or longer.