Updated Information Regarding Russian Army Troops Directly Observed in the Eastern Regions of Ukraine

If anyone still doubts that Ukraine can provide appropriate response to the Russians, take a look at the included screenshot from a Russian social network that lists the losses of just one combined battalion tactical group: 9 MBTs, 18 APCs, 43 Ural trucks, and 230 personnel.


Another screenshot contains the list of some units that had been deployed in the East of Ukraine and have suffered losses. I have tried to add some details to it.


Russian units (Battalion Tactical Group) operating in Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine:

  • 18th motorized infantry brigade (Southern Military District, based in Kalinovskaya, Chechnya)
  • 17th motorized infantry brigade (SMD, based in Shali, Chechnya)
  • 22nd special operations brigade (Main Intelligence Directorate, based in Aksai, Rostov region)
  • 137th and 51st airborne regiments (106th airborne division, based in Tula)
  • units of the 76th airborne division (based in Pskov)

The following units have also been reported:

  • 9th motorized infantry brigade (Western Military Disctrict, based in Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Military unit 35690 – Special Purpose Center of FSB. Object “Sputnik” (“Vympel” group, based in Balashikha, Moscow region)

This list is not complete, it contains the Russian Army units that have been identified and verified (full list see the entry of 8/26). I will welcome any substantiated additions and correction. I apologize for the quality of the screenshots, please observe the copyright and don’t distort the information.

This article is based on my observations of the media and other available sources.

Irakli Komakhidze
August 31, 2014

Translated by Max Alginin, edited by Larry Field