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When teens know a secret that nobody else knows, or they are the first person in the group to hear a rumor, it makes them the center of attention. As a result, kids that are trying to fit in or climb the social ladder might use gossip and rumors as a tool to gain popularity. Other teens, in particular girls, tend to focus on the one thing in your life you're most insecure about and develop the perfect little lie to make you feel horrible when you hear about it. That's often the point of gossip: to hurt another person's feelings. Dealing with Rumors about YouAuthor: Sarah White.

Rumors are often exciting and juicy, and many people find the urge to spread them overwhelming. But spreading rumors is a form of bullying, and teenagers are susceptible to being victims from their peers. Schools are a hotbed of all sorts of social issues -- including gossip and name-calling -- that can have Author: Debby Mayne. The Effects of Gossip on Teenage Girls. Fending Off the Emotional Damage of Rumors. Teenage girls carry certain social labels including the image of the circle of girls sharing small scandals of each others lives. Unfortunately, this does happen and it does have consequences. Gossip may seem an innocent form of normal teenage life.

Aug 15, 2016 · The adolescent years, more than any other period in life, tends to be a time characterized by gossip and rumors. As we all know, gossip spreads like wildfire, especially nowadays with the help of social media, and regardless of how innocently a story began, gossip is quickly exaggerated and the truth is distorted. Every teen. August 8, 2019 August 8, 2019, Gossip & Rumors, News, Latest News, Gossip & Rumors, Teen, Body, Insurance, online shopping, Willis, Rumer, Viciously, Shamed. How Rumer Willis Got Over Being Viciously Body Shamed As A Teen Growing up in the glare of public 0 likes Read more +.