General Summary as at November 1, 2014 by the InformNapalm Group


As at October 31, 2014, the Russian Federation continues to build up its forces in the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. At that we increasingly receive reports that militants have BM-30 “Smerch” multiple rocket launchers (one of the identified places of deployment is the warehouse of the “Dominion” Trade House in Donetsk; it is located 84.5 km away from the headquarters of Ukrainian military in Kramatorsk), BM-27 “Uragan” multiple rocket launcher systems (deployed to Horlivka, former railway station “Promyvochna”, 48 km away from Ukrainian emplacements). Our observers also detected movement of S-300 (NATO reporting name is SA-10 Grumble) long range surface-to-air missile systems (one of the identified places of deployment is the warehouse of the “Dominion” Trade House in Donetsk). If those S-300 systems are of S-300PMU-1 modification (NATO reporting name is SA-20 Gargoyle), they greatly complicates application of tactical aviation very difficult in the entire crisis region. Continue reading

Operational Summary for October 29 by the InformNapalm Team

October, 30 may be the turning point in the slow conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. The ceasefire has allowed the terrorists to regroup their forces. Russian “military shops” resumed their work of providing combat equipment with increasing intensity. For the past two days alone, more than 300 vehicles were transferred from Russia to Ukraine. The main direction of movement goes via Antratsyt to Donetsk and towards Smila village and via Marynivka to Telmanove and Komsomolske. Transfer of military equipment was also noticed in the direction of Olenivka and Horlivka.

Approximate front lines and potential directions of attack

Approximate front lines and potential directions of attack


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Operational Situation as at September 25, 2014

Over the past few days we have got to know of at least 5 cases when negotiating groups of the local separatists came to emplacements of Ukrainian military in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions with additional requests under observation of truce. The local militants stated that they honored the agreements of the peace plan but as a result of that they had confrontations with Russian Cossacks and uniformed services (representatives of the Armed Forces, Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, and Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation). Those representatives tried to force them to break the truce and perform provocative attacks. Because of this, the separatists asked Ukrainian military not to fire back and assured that “they will sort it out with the Don Cossacks, Chechens, as well as the feds who continue to provoke attacks”. Continue reading

The War in Donbas: Operational Situation in the Donetsk Region as at September 24, 2014


On the back of the Minsk agreements, internecine clashes between militants get worse. Gangs that accept the peace agreements confront with the opponents objecting to the agreements accepted by the contact group of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

For example, as a result of the conflict, on the night from September 20 to September 21, onf of the groups of militants destroyed two cars with personnel of the other group with mortar fire. Continue reading

Terrorist War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Summary for September 15, 2014


In spite of the “armistice” the Russian mercenaries continued shelling Donetsk airport over the past 24 hours using heavy artillery. Meanwhile the facility remains under Ukrainian control.

The enemy is also attempting to reach the airport from the north. For this reason they gather forces in Panteleimonivka. An attack from this areas allows them address to issues: their desire to straighten the front line by dislodging the Ukrainian military from Verkhnotoretske, and secondly to get complete control over the Horlivka-Donetsk highway. Continue reading

Terrorist War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Summary for September 13-14, 2014


The Donetsk airport is still shelled with large calibre artillery and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). Some eyewitnesses even speak of a tank attack. However, Ukrainian forces continue to hold the airport.

On September 13, there was an attempt to transfer terrorist forces from Horlivka to Donetsk. The terrorists attempted to use the E50 highway. It is possible that the attempt was aimed at reinforcing the attack on the airport from the north. This attempt was suppressed in the area of Krasnyi Partizan. Continue reading

Pro-Russian Terrorists Are Planning to Shell Donetsk in the Russian Federation

According to operational information of the “Information Resistance” group, Russian terrorist forces are preparing armed provocations in order to disrupt the “truce” announced with the signing of the Minsk protocol.

In particular, according to “IR” data, the terrorists are planning to shell Donetsk (Russian Federation) using MLRS BM-21 “Grad” and then throw responsibility upon the Ukrainian military. Continue reading

247th Air Assault Regiment of the 7th Guards Airborne Division

Among the Russian invasion forces concentrated near the Ukrainian border, there is a unit of the 247th Caucasian Cossacks Air Assault Regiment.

A battalion or company tactical group of this military unit has been observed for the past few months near the border. Military equipment attached to that regiment has appeared in the Internet many times. Continue reading

Uninvited Guests from Siberia


We would like to present additional information on detachments of the Russian Armed Forces operating on border and in Ukraine. Besides forces from the Southern and Western military districts, there are also Russian detachments that have been deployed from Siberia (the Central military district) to Rostov (and then to Ukraine). Continue reading

The 17th Motorized Brigade of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation is in Ukraine

Here is further evidence of the fact that, among the various units of the Armed Forced of the Russian Federation that are operating in Ukraine, there is a battalion tactical group of the 17th Motorized Brigade (Southern Military District) in Ukraine. The permanent base of this brigade is the village of Shali, Chechnya.

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Terrorist War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: Summary for the 7th September 2014

Карта07The third day of the ‘ceasefire’

The Situation Around Donetsk

Either the DNR and LNR have not heard that about the planned ceasefire or they disrespect their political leaders. In any event they continue to fight for the Donetsk airport. Despite the silence of the Ukrainian heavy artillery, the Russian terrorists use mortars, rocket systems GRAD and self-propelled guns NONA in full swing. From the territory of the chemical factory one of systems GRAD is constantly shelling the Donetsk airport. Continue reading

Terrorist War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine Summary for the 4th September 2014

040914The Luhansk Conflict Zone

The Ukrainian military forces have had to withdraw from Lutuhyne and leave the area south of Luhansk. Basically the move can be considered as the correct decospom, considering the threat that the town of Shchastya is facing currently. The same situation applies to the settlement of Pobeda located in Novoaidar district. We should remember that a withdrawal from Shchastya opens the way for Russian military forces to Starobilsk and northwards towards Kharkiv Oblast. It is possible that the Russian troops being moved towards the border, in the direction of Valuiky (in Russia), will penetrate into Ukrainian territory in the area of Kupyansk (Kharkiv Oblast). Such a course of events will allow the enemy to excuse themselves, as though military forces have come from the Luhansk area, and that this cannot therefore be considered as an open invasion from Russia. However that is no more than our guess. As for the possibility of the terrorists’ activity in the direction of Starobilsk, we warned about that earlier. Continue reading

Activity of Russian Troops in the Taganrog – Mariupol Area

Over the past 24 hours we observed movement of Russian military convoys on the Rostov-Taganrog highway and then towards the border with Ukraine. These are mainly tilted “Ural” trucks and military “KamAZ” trucks, including communications vehicles and vehicles for electronic warfare, as well as armored vehicles. Convoys move around Taganrog along the road near Nikolaevka village (Russia). There is an airfield in that area and we observed increased activity of the operations of the military transport aviation. License plates on the vehicles we have observed have the index of “50”, which indicates that they belong to the Western Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. We can assume that the convoys are the security of the Battalion Tactical Groups participating in the offensive in the direction of Mariupol. Continue reading

The Attack on Mariupol Has Been Repulsed: “Azov” Battalion and the ATO HQ Reported Details

The attempt of the Russian invaders to breach towards Mariupol was repulsed in a battle near Shyrokyne village (23 km east of Mariupol). Enemy equipment was destroyed. This was stated on the 4th September 2014 on the Facebook page of the “Azov” Territorial Defense Battalion. It was also reported that there had been no losses among the soldiers of the battalion. Continue reading