The Security Service of Ukraine Detained the Leader of the “DPR Internal Affairs” Battalion in Volnovakha

As a result of operations by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the deputy commander of the “DPR Internal Affairs” Special Forces, “G” (1970 YOB; call sign “Alf”), was detained on October 1. The DPR Special Forces Battalion “Berkut” (“Golden Eagle”) is headed by the officer of the Russian special services with the call sign “Kholod” (“Cold”). Continue reading

Warning! Russian Terrorists Are Preparing Provocations in Donetsk

We have just received information that today, October 4, Russian terrorists in Donetsk are preparing a large scale provocation.

They are gathering a crowd of civilians in the city to celebrate “6 months of the DPR”. Along with this, right now three MRL BM-21 “Grad” are being deployed towards the city: there are two “Grads” in the Petrovskyi district near the children hospital and one “Grad” near the “Chelyuskintsiv” mine. Continue reading

Another Provocation by Terrorists in Donetsk

On October 2nd, after the militants supported with heavy military equipment had been assaulting the Donetsk airport for six hours, and after still failing to capture their target, they started to shell residential areas of the city. Their actions were accompanied with the coordinated dissemination of misinformation across multiple media avenues, including social networks. Continue reading

Algorithm of Provocations and Murder of Civilians by the DPR and LPR Terrorists

Today, our contacts from among the residents of Luhansk (who for several weeks were unable to get in touch), have sent us information on how the militants carry out their shelling in and around the city in order to be able to blame the Ukrainian forces for the destruction and the deaths of civilians. In this way they try to convince local residents and their TV and news audiences of the crimes being committed against innocent people by the «Kyiv Junta». While many residents, affected by the Russian propaganda, have taken their staged shows at face value, those who can analyze the facts understand who is actually destroying Luhansk. Continue reading

The Security Service of Ukraine Detained a Russian Helicopter Pilot in Lysychansk

As a result of operations by the the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Counterintelligence a citizen of the Russian Federation, a resident of Voronezh, Nikolay Kopylov (1971 YOB) was detained in Lysychansk (Luhansk Oblast). The detainee is a 1st Lieutenant of the Reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation; his military speciality is a Mil Mi-8 helicopter onboard engineer. Continue reading

DPR Militants Initiated Shelling Causing Casualties among Civilians


Russia’s DPR artillery carried out attacks on the Ukrainian forces positioned in the area of Krasnohorivka starting at 5 pm and lasting approximately until 6 pm on September 27, 2014. The sites of the artillery fire were identified, however there was no counter-fire from the Ukrainian military. Ukrainian soldiers heard shooting from the points shown on the screenshots below. The firing location is an old asphalt-batching plant and brick factory. These positions are constantly used for shelling the Ukrainian military check points in the area of Mariinka and Krasnohorhvka. A bit later other explosions were recorded somewhat more westbound. As it turned out, the militants had shelled the settlement of the «Chekist» mine. As of 7 pm we got information of some casualties among local citizens. It is believed that the Russian propagandist channel «LifeNews» had already arrived there to photograph the provocation. Continue reading

Operational Situation as at September 25, 2014

Over the past few days we have got to know of at least 5 cases when negotiating groups of the local separatists came to emplacements of Ukrainian military in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions with additional requests under observation of truce. The local militants stated that they honored the agreements of the peace plan but as a result of that they had confrontations with Russian Cossacks and uniformed services (representatives of the Armed Forces, Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, and Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation). Those representatives tried to force them to break the truce and perform provocative attacks. Because of this, the separatists asked Ukrainian military not to fire back and assured that “they will sort it out with the Don Cossacks, Chechens, as well as the feds who continue to provoke attacks”. Continue reading

The Security Service of Ukraine Arrested a Subversive Group That Planned Terrorist Acts in Mariupol

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Counterintelligence together with the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard detained members of a subversive group of “Vostok” (“East”) illegal paramilitary formation. The group planned to commit terrorist acts in the city. Continue reading

The Security Service of Ukraine Detained an Organizer of Anti-Ukrainian Actions in Severodonetsk

The Security Service of Ukraine Counterintelligence detained a citizen of Ukraine, “K” (1996 YOB), in Severodonetsk (Luhansk region). The detainee disseminated calls over the Internet to commit acts of terrorism against the Government of Ukraine, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and law enforcement officers. Continue reading

The Security Service of Ukraine Detained a Leader of Saboteurs Responsible for Terrorist Acts in the Donetsk Region

On September 15, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Counterintelligence detained “K” (a citizen of Ukraine, callsign “Senya”). The detainee is the leader of a DPR subversive group. “K” along with his associates committed terrorist acts in the Donetsk region. Continue reading