Back to Basics: Russian Mercenaries Pretend to Be Peacekeepers

As you can see, the 15th Motorized Brigade from Samara (Central Military District) of the Russian invasion forces (the brigade has a somewhat cynical name “Peacekeeping”) has recovered from the combat losses it suffered over the summer. Continue reading

The Security Service of Ukraine Detained a Russian Helicopter Pilot in Lysychansk

As a result of operations by the the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Counterintelligence a citizen of the Russian Federation, a resident of Voronezh, Nikolay Kopylov (1971 YOB) was detained in Lysychansk (Luhansk Oblast). The detainee is a 1st Lieutenant of the Reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation; his military speciality is a Mil Mi-8 helicopter onboard engineer. Continue reading

Zhirinovsky’s «Tiger» Became a Cripple

In May this year the Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky presented a GAZ-2330 «Tiger» infantry mobile vehicle to the LPR and DPR terrorist organizations. Judging by recent photos the vehicle is no longer in the best of conditions. As an armored car, it has probably outlived its time.

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22nd Separate Brigade Currently Operating in Ukraine

We present a further update to our list of units of Russian forces in Ukraine. This time we identified the 22nd Separate Brigade of Special Purpose Main Intelligence Department. This unit was identified through the social network page (vkontakte, or of Dmitriy, one of the contract-troopers of the unit. Dmitriy was serving in the border guards forces until recently when he signed a contract with the 22nd Brigade of Special Forces.

22nd special unit (2)
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Terrorist War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: Summary for the 11th September 2014

DS Map 11Sept

The Kremlin style continues — one step forward, two steps back in observance of the requirements on the Minsk agreement. The Russian side is strenuously trying to disrupt the peace agreements while continuing the build-up and regrouping of its forces.

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The Security Services Detained a Russian Instructor Providing Support to Terrorists in Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained a citizen of the Russian Federation, Sergey G. Chernysh, who was involved in terrorist activities in Ukraine.

The citizen of the Russian Federation along with other mercenaries illegally crossed the state border of Ukraine with the assistance of the Russian border guards in the Rostov region (Russia). In Ukraine the mercenaries were met by the LPR terrorists with the leader nicknamed “Abkhaz”. Continue reading

The ATO Forces Detained a Subversive Group in the Donetsk Region

The ATO forces neutralized a group of Russian saboteurs that illegally crossed the border of Ukraine.

A joint operational group of the Armed Forces and Security Service of Ukraine detained ten servicemen of the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment of the 98th Guards Airborne Division of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (military unit 71211). Continue reading

Another Attempt of Russian Traitors to Wipe Out Their Bloody Tracks of Crimes

Feeling that their end is near terrorists resort to mass executions of prisoners of war and civilians in the settlements they control. In Semenivka and three nearby villages terrorists allegedly dug out graves of people who they have shot, and are trying to throw responsibility for their crimes upon the ATO forces. Once the bodies have been dug up they invite representatives of Russian media to record the misdeeds. Continue reading

Terrorists Are Shelling Civilians in Komunar

Komunar settlement (Donetsk region) is on fire! This village has just been shelled by MLRS BM-21 “Grad”. In spite of there had been neither military units nor emplacements of the ATO forces there, Russian mercenaries opened fire and fired at women, children and old people. Terrible fires are raging in the village. Houses are burning. Ukrainian military came to help the residents: they are administering first aid and trying to extinguish the fire. All this happens under mortar shelling by terrorists. Continue reading

Detected another Transfer of Russian Military Equipment via Sukhodilsk (video)

Без имени-2

We have repeatedly reported and even specified the exact route of transfer of Russian military equipment to Ukraine via Popivka, Sjevernyi and Velykui Sukhodil. The place where all three roads meet with access to the M04 highway is Sukhodilsk (Krasnodon district of the Luhansk region). Russian military equipment that reinforces terrorists often moves via this very city down Shosseynaya Street. Continue reading

Ukrainian Servicemen Caught GRU Employees Red-Handed

Last night in the area of Debaltseve Ukrainian servicemen captured three Russian professional soldiers, employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate (aka GRU) of the General Staff of the Russian Federation from St. Petersburg. It should be noted that this is by far not the first time when Russian professionals are caught red-handed. Continue reading