The Tour of Duty of the 200th Special Purpose Separate Motor Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy in Rostov Region and in Ukraine.

Shelling of Ukrainian territory by Russian artillery was discussed several times in the past. There is much evidence of it on the Web. We were able to identify multiple Russian army units which performed bombardments of military convoys and bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the territories adjacent to the Russian border, fired from both Russian territory and within Ukraine.

In an effort to gather evidence of the direct involvement of Russian Armed Forces in an undeclared war against Ukraine, we found fresh photos and videos showing  “wandering raids” of a rocket artillery unit of a battalion tactical group of 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

According to the existing documents, day and night bombardments were performed from locations in Rostov region close to Ukrainian border (presumably from the areas near the villages of Uglerodovsky, Anikin, and Gukovo) and directly from Ukrainian territory, near Krasnodon. See the photo attachement of 26 slides, and videos:

— As Luhansk People Republic.  A volley of a “Grad” battery, July 2014;

– A night volley of a “Grad” battery;

– A lot of fun in Gukovo. An MLRS volley to Ukrainian territory.

The first batch of photographs show the units artillery detachments



This 2nd batch of photographs below show the combat and transport vehicles of the combined unit. The vehicles lack license plates, but they have instead affectionate names of mothers and loved ones like “Antonina Ivanovna,” “Nafisa,” “Kristina,” or Soviet symbols and slogans such as «Death to the fascists,» «For Stalin,» «Death to Aydar,» and other nonsense.

Photos and videos were obtained from servicemen of 200th Brigade of the Northern Fleet.


4-t-72-za-stalina-1024x6885-sau-akaciy-1024x6466-btr-80-sssr-1024x6808-antonina-grad-1024x73610-grad-kristina-1024x690See also other texts on this subject:

200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy in Ukraine;                                                                                     …/

— 291st artillery brigade’s “Tour of duty” from Crimea to Donbass;
– About flying ”Grad” MLRS

– Identification of the Russian invasion forces. The units and their losses in Ukrainian territory.…/

– Identification of Military Units and the Armament of Artillery Elements of the Russian Invasion Forces;

Author: Irakly Komaxidze

(с) This information was gathered exclusively for the project InformNapalm. Copying and use of the materials are allowed provided that a reference to the author and a link to our website are given.
Russian original:

Translated by: Maria Holubeva

Edited by: Max Alginin

News of Deployment the 5th Tank Brigade of the Russian Eastern Military District to the Ukrainian border.

That is not for the first time that I write about the re-deployment of Russian troops from Eastern Siberia and the Far East to the Ukrainian border, but we haven’t yet seen much data to confirm all the information. However this information gradually becomes more concrete over time.  Here we present evidence of the deployment of the 5th Tank Brigade of the 36th Army of the Eastern Military Command, military unit 46108, place of permanent deployment – Buryatia, Ulan-Ude town, Street na-fone-bmp

Based on the acquired photo materials and information, a detachment of the 5th Tank Brigade was redeployed to Rostov region at the end of October. According to available information we can estimate the deployment strength of a battalion tactical group (BTG), which comprises tanks (T-72), artillery (self-propelled howitzers “Akatsiya”) and infantry fighting vehicles (BMP).  The vehicles are mainly manned by contract soldiers from Tuva and Buryatia. Currently the BTG has been deployed as a field camp between Matveyevo-Kurgansk and Myasnikovsky area of Rostov region. From a strategic point of view this is a convenient site for further deployment to Mariupol and Donetsk.

Pay attention to the vehicles including the first picture of the BMP bearing  a “ Towards Kiev” inscription on it

Related references to this unit include:

  • Identification of RF military invasion forces and their losses on the territory of Ukraine;

  • Subdivision of the 7th armored brigade of the Central military command as part of the invasion forces (the list of military units, redeployed to Rostov region from northern parts of RF)

  • Return of the 28th motorized rifle brigade from Yekaterinburg in Rostov region;

  • Russian armored column near the Ukrainian border – November the 14th (presumably the artillery of the above mentioned military unit).

  • Units deployed from the Far East which comprise troops from Buryatia.

tanki-v-stroiu-1024x842 lager-2 lager-3-1024x678

Author: Irakly Komakhidze

Translator: Roman Vlasof

ARES Research Report Misses the Russian Supply Link in the Ukrainian Conflict (Part2)


This article is Part 2 of the review of the Armaments Research Services (ARES) research report `Raising Red Flags: An examination of Arms and Munitions in the ongoing Conflict in Ukraine (Research Report No3, November 2014). Part 1 focussed on the very valuable summary of unique `Flag Item’ weaponry being used in Ukraine by the separatists. It is argued that this data adds to the body of evidence that the Russian military is supplying weapons to the battlegrounds of Eastern Ukraine.

Part 2 however focusses on the critical weakness of the report and responds to the apparent inability of the authors of the report to acknowledge direct Russian involvement in the conflict, despite all evidence (including their own and other well-known sources) to the contrary. The fact that the authors fail to even acknowledge Russian involvement in the fighting, other than in the Crimea where Russia has itself formally acknowledged its forces, sets up their inability to draw appropriate conclusions regarding sources and supply mechanisms of the Flag Item weapons highlighted in Part 1. These first and second components of this article are therefore integrally linked.

I therefore conclude that while the report is a very valuable contribution to the knowledge base of the weapons being utilized in the war in Ukraine, it is questionable in its analysis of the sources of supply, and therefore in its conclusions. And yet in the information field reader perceptions of analysis and conclusions are everything.

ARES report cover

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Buryat community against the war in Ukraine

For several days now we have been witnessing the saga of the deployment of military troops from the Eastern Military Distinct of Russia to the Ukrainian border. Buryat servicemen from Ulan Ude and Kyakhta are deployed to the Rostov area under the pretense of military exercises. Upon arrival, contracted servicemen are instructed that they could be engaged in the “humanitarian” operation in the territory of Ukraine, and they are made to sign non-disclosure agreements.

russia-zabaykalsky (buratya)

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November 17, 2014 Weekly Summary by InformNapalm group

17kartaAt the end of last week a few significant changes happened, which in one way or another could affect the balance of the confrontation:

  1. According to the field reports, the Russian servicemen captured by Ukrainian security services (Evgeniy Tur and Alexander Bondaruk) provided the information about gradual reorganization within the militant groups, and about cleanup operations and «disappearances» of unwanted or uncontrollable individual militants or even their whole groups, conducted by the Russian armed forces, under the protection of the Russian special services. This “restructuring” has as its goal the creation of a unified army of Novorossiya, strictly controlled by the Russian security services. So far these activities have resulted in the worsening of the situation caused by periodic skirmishes among gangs, Cossack groups, DPR, and LPR groups. In such circumstances we foresee increased deployment of the regular Russian military, which will replace the poorly disciplined gangs in the Donbas.
  2. Over the past week, the guerrilla movement in the Donbas has become more active. Previously, we saw isolated attacks, but now you can see the tendency of increasing activity against the separatist and Russian forces by locals living in the occupied zone.

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Russian Air Force Operating in Ukraine [Video]

A short video has been found on the internet which provides evidence of Russian aircraft operating within Eastern Ukraine in support of the separatist forces.
Recently the internet has been flooded with videos and photographs of Russian soldiers and military hardware moving into Eastern Ukraine. The evidence of the build-up of the Russian forces has become indisputable (unless you are Putin of course, because then you can deny anything). What has been less clear is the role of the Russian Air Force in this build up. Air support in order to provide air defence, support to ground troops, and for rapid logistical support and transportation are all roles one would expect from the Russian Air Force in the context of the build-up their invasion forces. However this air support is much more difficult to identify.

Russian helicopter

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291st artillery brigade’s “Tour of duty” from Crimea to Donbass

Currently some howitzer and rocket artillery units from 291st Brigade, 58th Army, Southern Military District (military unit 64670, stationed in Troitskaya, Ingushetia) are being observed again in Rostov region on the Ukrainian border (along Sea of Azov). Continue reading

Show Must Go On, or The Foreplay

According to our observations, as well as the information and the materials by the “InformNapalm” team, the Russian side is preparing large scale provocations in several directions. We observe the activity of Russian troops in the occupied Crimea near the administrative border with Kherson region, as well as in the vicinity of Novoazovsk. At the same time, Russian military has become more active in Rostov region (Russian Federation). In particular, sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) have been pulled up towards the border; we also observe paratroopers of the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment of the 98th Guards Airborne Division (Kostroma, Pskov) and other units. Continue reading

Confirmation of the 439th Guards Rocket Artillery Brigade deployed as part of the Russian invasion forces

The presence of a detachment from the 439th Guards Rocket Artillery Brigade was first reported in September 2014. (See link below for a summary of Russian artillery units operating on the border or in Ukraine)  Now with new evidence, the presence of a BM-30 `Smerch’ equipped multiple rocket launcher system (MRLS) detachment from the 439th Guards Rocket Artillery Brigade of the Southern Defense Command (SDC) can be confirmed. The Brigades has its home base in the Astrakhan region. 4391 Continue reading

A Detachment of Self Propelled Artillery “Akatsiya” of the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade Located on the Ukrainian Border

We have obtained evidence of the presence of another artillery detachment of the Russian Armed Forces on the Ukrainian border, this time from the 138 Motorized Rifle Brigade (MRB), Military Unit 02511, Western Military District. The Brigade’s place of permanent deployment is Kamenka, Vyborgsky District, Leningrad Oblast. 138-y-sau

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67th Air-Defense Missile Brigade from Russia has been in Ukraine.

In the course of the identification the Russian invasion forces and weapons, we found evidence of the presence of a new (not previously idenfied) air-defense missile unit. This unit is the 67th Air-Defense Missile Brigade (ADMB), Military Unit 32383 of the Russian Southern Defense Command (SMC). Soldiers with Ukr name-plate


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‘Truckers’ from ‘Rublevka’ — 147th Automotive Logistic Support Battalion

We had many discussions before about the transfer of Russian military equipment, including tanks, from different parts of the Russian Federation to Rostov region and then further to Donbas in Ukraine.

I was recently able to identify the automotive unit, which along with other logistic support units, was actively involved in the process of transferring weapons and equipment to Ukraine from June to September 2014. The 147th Automotive Logistic Support Battalion of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces (military unit 83466) which based at 68 Rublevskoe Shosse in Moscow.

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Up to 200 Russian Troop Casualties in Eastern Ukraine over 2 days

Several sources of information in Donetsk reported to the monitoring team of InformNapalm  that large number of Russian troops were killed on the 19th October 2014 as a result of an artillery strike in the area of Children’s Tuberculosis Hospital (label 1 on map). The number of casualty estimates varied between 100 and 200 soldiers. As the information is dramatic it was necessary for the InformNapalm team to carry out further verification. Continue reading

Russian T-90 Tanks of the 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade in Luhansk region

It is far from being a new subject, that of the Russian Federation military taking part in battles in Ukrainian Donbas. This has been reported in the Ukrainian media many times. But to all skeptics, both local and international, definite visual prove of these facts is always needed.

The presence of Russian tanks, particularly the newest “T-90”, has also been raised over the July-September period, but there was no trophy or photo-fact to prove it. Now we can know for sure that Russian T-90 tanks took part in battles near the Luhansk airport.

second photo

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