Terrorist War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: Summary for the 7th September 2014

Карта07The third day of the ‘ceasefire’

The Situation Around Donetsk

Either the DNR and LNR have not heard that about the planned ceasefire or they disrespect their political leaders. In any event they continue to fight for the Donetsk airport. Despite the silence of the Ukrainian heavy artillery, the Russian terrorists use mortars, rocket systems GRAD and self-propelled guns NONA in full swing. From the territory of the chemical factory one of systems GRAD is constantly shelling the Donetsk airport. Continue reading


Map0508Since the 4th of August report was published in the evening, no dramatic changes have occurred over the interval after the publication. However there are some updates and additions.

Donetsk Region

As it became known late last night, terrorists attacked “Azov” and ”Shakhtarsk” battalions that were heading to liberate Donetsk. It was no surprise at all, considering the militants’ fortifications in that area, but the strange thing is nothing came flying from the rear side, for instance from Amvrosiivka area, which is considered significant. Also the counterstrike towards Mariupol we mentioned yesterday still remains a danger.  Continue reading

The Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine: Summary for August 2, 2014


Luhansk Border and Southern Region

The Russian Federation continues to transfer troops across the border, heading towards Rovenky and Sverdlovsk. Given that the Russian troops are dug in near Gukovo (Rostov Oblast of the Russian Federation), the decision of the ATO command to withdraw its forces towards Chervonopartyzansk is probably correct. Yes, this exposes a part of the border but it also move units to a much safer position. Besides, in case of a successful Ukrainian advance upon Shakhtarsk, Torez and Snizhne from the West and North West and an advance from the area of Savur-Mohyla towards Dmytrivka-Dyakove-Rovenky, the terrorists will be pushed out towards the Russian Federation and will become the problem of the Russian border guards. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine: Summary for August 1, 2014 as at 12h00


Donetsk Region: North & Western Donetsk and Horlivka

Yesterday we reported that the ATO forces liberated Avdiivka and proceeded to Yasynuvata. Thus the complete encirclement of Horlyvka is almost done. This means that terrorists will probably counterattack from Donetsk in this direction, or may try to breach the ATO encirclement from Horlivka via Panteleimonivka in order to reach Donetsk. The consolidation of ATO positions around Horlivka continues and further information will be reported when it becomes available. Continue reading

Summary for July 23: Events in the International Sphere

July 23 was marked by progress in the fact-finding into the terrorist attack on the passenger aircraft Boeing 777 that was shot down by the Russian terrorists in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine. On July 22 the first reports came that the black boxes from the downed aircraft were handed over to Malaysian officials. Day later these reports have been confirmed and the recorders have continued their journey to the destination. The members of the expert group from the Dutch Security Council got them. Then they transported them to the city of Farnborough (United Kingdom), were the flight data recorder is to be analysed very soon. The British investigators promised to provide results of the decrypting in 24 hours after receipt of the black boxes. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 15, 2014

15julyThis morning terrorists performed an air strike on a residential building in Snezhnoye (Snizhne in Ukrainian transcription). According to our data, Snezhnoye serves as a base for up to 4 mechanized brigades (from Russia). Battalion tactical teams of Russian terrorists were formed based on these brigades. Snezhnoye was chosen as a base due to its favorable location. The city is located halfway between Donetsk and Luhansk and has a good road network. Additionally, Snezhnoye is not far from the Russian border. Local terrain allows to disguise significant forces. The build-up of large forces became possible because of diversion of attention towards Saur-Mogila area as well as Izvarino border post. Moreover first Russian armored convoys entered Ukraine back in May through the nearby Dyakovo border post. 
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Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 14, 2014

ATO Progress

The day of June 14 can be characterized with the paraphrased meme, “Those who do not panic are Moskals”. We are not inclined to underestimate the threat of invasion and the development of a full scale Russian aggression but the prospects of the invasion exactly tomorrow (June 15) make us smile.

Putin is not ready yet; the intrigue is not yet over.

In particular, our sources from Kantemirovka (Voronezh region) reported that other columns of Russian tanks and truck with troops without insignia (just like the troops that acted in Crimea) moved towards Chertkovo-Melovoye direction.

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Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for July 8, 2014: Facts, Analytics, Forecasts


ATO Progress

During the past days terrorists switched to guerrilla tactics in the territory of th previously abandoned cities. Today we observed shooting in Slovyansk, near Molochar village and in Kramatorsk in the aerodrome area. Terrorists fired on the units of the ATO forces in Artemivsk. Provocations of militants in the area of Krasnyi Lyman continue. Continue reading



Anti-Terrorist Operation

The 3rd July was eventful with engagements in many areas. Finally after heavy fighting over the last 2 days the Ukrainian forces entered Mykolaivka, Slovyansk Region. It is still early to talk about freeing of the village completely, but according to the news, as well as other indirect signs, the terrorist supply traffic to Slovyansk on the ‘Ho Chi Minh trail’ has finally been stopped (although there is the danger of it being re-opened). The Ukrainian successes have caused the separatists to panic, as evidenced by the reports of the Minister of Defence of DPR. Previously these reports sounded like a collection of science fiction short stories; currently they are like the hysterical yelling.

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Today anti-terrorist operation has finally moved to the active phase of attack in all directions. According to various sources today terrorists have lost from 700 to 1000 people. The situation is changing very rapidly and our forces activelysuppress militants, this is why we do not see any reason to disclose attack directions because terrorists are now defensive. A positive tendency is how the ATO forces gain control over the parts of the Ukrainian border. Continue reading

Anti-Terrorist Operation: Summary for June 29, 2014

Militants continue to seize military units. Today military unit #3037 of internal troops in Donetsk and military unit A1402 (Donetsk anti-aircraft missile regiment) have fallen. Ammunition in the depot of the internal troops’ military unit blows up because of blasts arranged by servicemen in advance. Antiaircraft defense reportedly lost 9K77 Buk missile systems. However, this information requires confirmation because other sources report that the military unit did not have those missile systems.

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ukraine-russia-politics-crisisThe preliminary results of the structural analysis of the information from public sources and private terrorist channels on Zello present an unfavourable forecast regarding the possibility of a full-scale escalation of the conflict with Russia.
Based on preliminary calculations, a large enemy force equal to approximately two mechanized brigades of the RUSSIAN troops is concentrated in the areas around Snegnoe and Luhansk. These troops pretend to be local rebels. Continue reading