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The Better Sex is a television game show in the United States where men competed against women in a "battle of the sexes" format. The Mark Goodson-Bill Todman production ran on ABC from July 18, 1977 to January 13, 1978. The show had two hosts, one male and one female; each acted as leader of a team of the appropriate sex. The male host was Bill Anderson and the female host was Sarah Purcell.Created by: Mark Goodson, Bill Todman. The Better Sex was one of the shows skewered by the GSN original Faux Pause in 1998. It was also featured on the 2000 BBC special TV's Finest Failures, which wouldn't have been so much of an issue (the show only ran six months, after all) had the special not been about unsold pilots primarily from the UK and US (to add insult to injury, the Better Sex clips weren't even from one of its pilots.

The team that knocks off the opposing sex (done by 3-5 questions) wins the game + $1,000! The winning team gets to play the bonus round where they faced 30 studio audience members of the opposite 5.9/10(8). Jul 18, 1977 · Trivia One of the last American Broadcasting Company (ABC) television programs to have it's master tapes erased to cut costs. The network is alleged to of ceased erasing master tapes in 1978.6.6/10(7).

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