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Sexing ready-to-breed adult Chinese fire-bellied newts is not difficult, but juveniles and newts not ready for breeding may be impossible to sex. The tissues at the sides of the vent (cloaca) greatly swell in males as special glands needed for breeding develop. In female newts the sides of . Hardy and easy to keep, fire-bellied newts are suitable amphibians for a first-time keeper, as long as you're in it for the long haul. The newts live up to 30 years and will reproduce in captivity. While newts commonly available in pet stores are generally juveniles, it is impossible for the amateur hobbyist to tell male from female.

You must also take caution in handling your newts and making sure they are out of reach of other pets. Since fire belly newts produce toxins through their skin and glands, gloves must be worn to avoid skin irritation or ingestion. Pets, like dogs or cats, that eat a newt should be rushed to the vet, as they can die. Fire-Bellied Newts secrete a toxin from their skin that can harm other inhabitants with prolonged exposure. Housing: An Aquarium or glass terrarium will be needed to house your Fire-Bellied Newts. Fire-Bellied Newts are semi-aquatic and need a 70/30 split within their tank, with 30% being land based, while the other being a water area.