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One of the most infamous scenes is when James has sex with a woman whose leg is in steel braces and uses her scar as a sexual orifice. A hole's a hole. 4. The Devils (1971) Another controversial movie with sexual content is Ken Russell's historical horror movie The Devils. Moments in cinema can build up notoriety all by themselves if they are against the general norm, instead being disgusting, dirty, scary, or even dangerous. Sex scenes have been prime targets of controversial and differing opinions since their existence in film, and though many-a-times this is because of people taking legitimate and understandable offense to [ ].

This list is composed of movies that have good plots and good stories containing the subject sex,many times in a controversial way. And also,other movies,that are just plain simple,purely about sex. So if you like the subject,here are some movies to check out and be warned,there may be some quite terrible movies. Aug 18, 2014 ·   Crank definitely delivers – the most controversial scene in the film is when protagonist Chev, played by Jason Statham, has public sex with his girlfriend Eve, played by Amy Smart Author: Lacey Burns.

Feb 15, 2017 · Mel Gibson's controversial adaptation of the Gospel, The Passion of the Christ, was released in 2004 to sharply divided reviews and accusations of anti-Semitism.Nevertheless, it went on to earn over $370 million at the domestic box office, becoming the highest-earning religious film and the highest-earning R-rated film of all time. Even Deadpool couldn't beat it!Author: Alan Randolph Jones.