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Dec 28, 2018 · Even before Kenneth Dover's controversial book Greek Homosexuality, several people attempted to rewrite history. For all his greatness as a poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde was one such person. In his attempt to defend same-sex love, Wilde created an alternative narrative of history in which homosexual love had blossomed.Author: Theodoros Karasavvas. Greek love is a term originally used by classicists to describe the primarily homoerotic customs, practices, and attitudes of the ancient Greeks.It was frequently used as a euphemism for homosexuality and pederasty.The phrase is a product of the enormous impact of the reception of classical Greek culture on historical attitudes toward sexuality, and its influence on art and various.

Mar 23, 2017 · (Downing, Myths and Mysteries of Same-Sex Love, p.134) The Greek sexual ethic emphasized not what one did but how one did it; it involved not an index of particular forbidden acts but an inculcation to act with moderation. (Downing, Myths and Mysteries of Same-Sex Love, p.135) Homosexuality in Ancient Greece. Nov 10, 2007 · So why were the ancient Greeks so confused about homosexuality, asks James Davidson. But the image of an idealised non- sexual same-sex love was still powerful enough at the end of the 19th Author: James Davidson.