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“Not only does he play Thor, one of the hottest superheroes of our time, Chris Hemsworth is also a sexy piece of man-meat we’d never pass up a chance to see on-screen (or off). It only took Chris a few years to make it big and cash in his paycheck for playing the God of Thunder, proving that having a banging body and Aussie accent will get you where you need to go in life. Dec 27, 2015 · Visible penis lines from real sportsmen. by. Spycamfromguys; So sport guys don’t think about hiding their penis lines, even if sometimes they really got huge dicks and their bulges could be truly considerable. Have a look at these bulging speedos I have selected for you.

VPL – Visible Penis Lines. The whole idea of speedos is showing off and I love seeing some VPL in a tight, wet speedo. At least that way you know what you are going to get right? Enjoy these pics guys. They are taken from the pics I’ve posted over the last 10 years of writing this blog and posting some of my favourite speedo photos. Apr 16, 2018 · Let’s keep watching more group of sportsmen with nice bulges: the first pic is spectacular. Even if the guys in black shorts do not emphatize their bulges, the guy on the right wearing the white spandex pant clearly show his penis line and I can understand he’s cut too!

Mar 30, 2018 · I tried my penis in two positions, first down and in that position there wasn’t enough room in the pouch for the leg openings to cover up my whole package. With my penis to the side it easily covered my balls, and my penis lines were visible, but it was completely covered. Aug 06, 2019 · Re: Visible penis line Post by smooth54» Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:25 pm Wow what a great photo of a great body love the chest hair and the way it goes down to your package thanks for posting.

Sep 23, 2006 · To wit, the employers prohibit erections on or about the bodies of swimming pool attendants and/or lifeguards wearing Speedo® swim trunks, hereinafter referred to as Speedos. Although the employer may require the wearing of a uniform or costume such as a Speedo®, he must provide them to the employee at no cost, and furthermore, must show. Jul 11, 2013 · Male swimmers - How do you position your penis when wearing speedos? I find it more comfortable to "dress" my penis upward and slightly to one side when I'm wearing speedos to swim, but I sometimes get odd looks that I'm not trying for.Followers: 3.