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preparing for sperm testing - Semen Analysis: Sperm Count Test Procedure and Results

Testing your semen at home. However, they only test for sperm count. They don’t analyze sperm motility or shape. Results for at-home tests are usually available within 10 minutes. A normal sperm count (above 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen) from a home test Author: Shannon Johnson. Preparing for Your Semen Analysis. Semen analysis is the first step towards understanding a man’s fertility. The test will measure key parameters of semen known to impact fertility. Minimally, it will measure: sperm count or concentration (how many sperm you have), sperm motility (how many of them swim), semen volume (how much semen .

Main rules that must be followed before the semen analysis: To improve sperm parameters it is useful to use plant foods rich in vitamins and fiber (fruits and vegetables), protein (lean meat, beef, chicken, rabbit), dairy products. Also, to improve the process of sperm maturation in the testes it is important to use enough vitamins (especially vitamin C and zinc). Semen Analysis Preparation A semen analysis serves the purpose of evaluating ejaculated sperm, and 2-3 may be required to get a full baseline because sperm counts can vary from one day to the next. The procedure is a core component of male fertility testing, and results can determine whether male factor infertility is present.

Preparing for your semen analysis Abstain from sexual intercourse/masturbation for three to five days. Wash hands and genitals thoroughly before sample production. Produce sample into a sterile specimen pot labelled with name, date of birth, Samples produced at home must be kept warm and. A typical semen analysis measures: Volume of semen. Viscosity–consistency or thickness of the semen. Sperm count–total number of sperm. Sperm concentration (density)–number of sperm per volume of semen. Sperm motility–percent able to move as well as how vigorously and straight the sperm move.