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Coloplast Mentor Clear Advantage Silicone Self-Adhesive Male External Catheter with Aloe Vera is latex-free to improve breathability and risk of allergic reaction. Freedom Clear Advantage Aloe Vera Condom Catheter is designed for maximum wear time, the clear silicone allows for visual inspection of 2.9/5(6). There is a brand (Mentor) of condom designed for heavy duty use and has an adhesive at the base. Don't linger inside your partner once you come -- pull out before the condom gets loose and slips off.

Aug 08, 1988 · But you can get $1 off,'' reads an advertisement for Mentor condoms that began in June in five urban newspapers and included a coupon redeemable at drugstores. * A lightening of tone in Author: Randall Rothenberg. Solution for Condoms Slipping Condoms slipping is a problem for many guys due to long foreskins, producing lots of precum or using the wrong sized condom. Mentor condoms solved these types of problems because it had an adhesive inside that sealed the condom to the skin.