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The Dick Butkus Center for Cardiovascular Wellness is a nonprofit organization in Orange County, California with a cardiac screening program that uses specialized testing to help identify those at risk of heart disease and sudden cardiac death. The I Play Clean Campaign addresses the issue of steroids among high school athletes. The campaign College: Illinois. Dick, now 70, says the surgery gave him a new lease on life—and a new friend in his heart surgeon, Lawrence Santora, MD, whom he sees twice a year for follow-ups at St. Joseph’s. Fight back—hard. Dick Butkus Dodges Heart Disease. What Women Need to Know About Heart Health.

Nov 07, 2016 · Arthur Jones, Dick Butkus and the Long Con. Controversial to the nth degree, Arthur Jones was a man known for his pull no punches approach. Wonderfully innovative, the founder of the Nautilus exercise phenomena had a strict sense of right and . Butkus was one mean Bear By Larry Schwartz Special to ESPN.com. It is possible that Dick Butkus was the meanest, nastiest, fiercest linebacker to ever put on a helmet. More than a quarter of a.