Russian army sergeant captured in Ukraine (video)

This is the story about the adventures in Ukraine of Evgeniy Tur, the sergeant of Russian military unit 30616-6 of the 523 Guards Training Motorized Rifle Regiment. He described how he went on a ill-fated trip to war with Ukraine on the orders of the high command.

The Russian sergeant also explained the concept of ‘the lost ones’: the soldiers, who don’t want to participate in armed hostilities, go missing.

The video, titled «I’m in Slovyansk!!!», was posted by Evgeniy Tur on November, 5, at approximately 12:30 on the social network site VKontakte ( A few hours after publication, it was removed from his page, but we have screenshots and a saved copy of this story.  On November, 6, at 08:00 the video on Evgeniy’s page became available for viewing again.

The copy of the video from Evgeniy Tur’s page.

Also we have found online a more complete record of his conversations and added it to our YouTube channel:

Screenshots and photos from the page of Evgeniy Tur:

222 Тур Тур4 Тур5 Тур6Translated by: Eugenia Zlamanuk

The operational information of the group «InformNapalm» оn November, 6

0611картаAlmost all of the directions that we specified in the general summary for November 1 have been confirmed (see more details here:, and the map is still relevant). Our efforts in writing that summary weren’t for nothing: as far as we know, it was distributed among the top officials and helped to make correct conclusions.

Today, on November 6, some of the units of the Russian Armed Forces in Rostov-on-Don were placed on high alert. Also, the enemy attempted an attack in the direction of Donetsk-Marinka. The ATO forces, supported by the artillery of the 79th Airmobile Brigade, repelled the assault. The enemy suffered significant losses. In addition, advances in the directions of Volnovakha and Lysychansk were observed. The enemy is also accumulating the forces for attacks on Dzerzhynsk and Artemivsk.

The situation at the Donetsk airport and in Avdiivka is very difficult. Tactical missile launchers have been observed, as well as Russian drones, which were conducting reconnaissance of the ATO command posts. This confirms the high probability of attacks on the ATO command posts.

Throughout the week, large quantities of the Russian military equipment continued to arrive in Ukraine via Izvarine: in particular, the next major convoy of armored vehicles went through Krasnodon today.

All this could indicate that the Russian Federation is preparing for a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine.

Don’t panic, we are ready for it!

Translated by: Victoria Field.

Confirmation of the 439th Guards Rocket Artillery Brigade deployed as part of the Russian invasion forces

The presence of a detachment from the 439th Guards Rocket Artillery Brigade was first reported in September 2014. (See link below for a summary of Russian artillery units operating on the border or in Ukraine)  Now with new evidence, the presence of a BM-30 `Smerch’ equipped multiple rocket launcher system (MRLS) detachment from the 439th Guards Rocket Artillery Brigade of the Southern Defense Command (SDC) can be confirmed. The Brigades has its home base in the Astrakhan region. 4391 Continue reading

A Detachment of Self Propelled Artillery “Akatsiya” of the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade Located on the Ukrainian Border

We have obtained evidence of the presence of another artillery detachment of the Russian Armed Forces on the Ukrainian border, this time from the 138 Motorized Rifle Brigade (MRB), Military Unit 02511, Western Military District. The Brigade’s place of permanent deployment is Kamenka, Vyborgsky District, Leningrad Oblast. 138-y-sau

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Russian / Separatist forces begin their attacks on Checkpoint 31

After the Ukrainian Armed Forces were forced to give up Checkpoint 32 along the Bakhmutka highway (the Luhansk-Lysychansk road) media sources are reporting increased military pressure from the Russian and Separatist forces on Checkpoint 31 which is north-west from Checkpoint 32 along the same road.



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67th Air-Defense Missile Brigade from Russia has been in Ukraine.

In the course of the identification the Russian invasion forces and weapons, we found evidence of the presence of a new (not previously idenfied) air-defense missile unit. This unit is the 67th Air-Defense Missile Brigade (ADMB), Military Unit 32383 of the Russian Southern Defense Command (SMC). Soldiers with Ukr name-plate


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General Summary as at November 1, 2014 by the InformNapalm Group


As at October 31, 2014, the Russian Federation continues to build up its forces in the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. At that we increasingly receive reports that militants have BM-30 “Smerch” multiple rocket launchers (one of the identified places of deployment is the warehouse of the “Dominion” Trade House in Donetsk; it is located 84.5 km away from the headquarters of Ukrainian military in Kramatorsk), BM-27 “Uragan” multiple rocket launcher systems (deployed to Horlivka, former railway station “Promyvochna”, 48 km away from Ukrainian emplacements). Our observers also detected movement of S-300 (NATO reporting name is SA-10 Grumble) long range surface-to-air missile systems (one of the identified places of deployment is the warehouse of the “Dominion” Trade House in Donetsk). If those S-300 systems are of S-300PMU-1 modification (NATO reporting name is SA-20 Gargoyle), they greatly complicates application of tactical aviation very difficult in the entire crisis region. Continue reading

Operational Summary for October 30 by the InformNapalm Team

Оn the 30 of October the Russian military forces continue to be accumulated on the territory of Ukraine. For instance today MRLS convoys were noticed moving towards Donetsk. Convoys were also noticed in Makiivka, Snizhne, Antratsyt. Besides, one of the insiders informed about the arrival an MRLS “Smerch” to Donetsk. As long as the location area of these systems allows them to reach any point in Donetsk region this increases the terrorists’ possibilities of causing target effects.

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Operational Summary for October 29 by the InformNapalm Team

October, 30 may be the turning point in the slow conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. The ceasefire has allowed the terrorists to regroup their forces. Russian “military shops” resumed their work of providing combat equipment with increasing intensity. For the past two days alone, more than 300 vehicles were transferred from Russia to Ukraine. The main direction of movement goes via Antratsyt to Donetsk and towards Smila village and via Marynivka to Telmanove and Komsomolske. Transfer of military equipment was also noticed in the direction of Olenivka and Horlivka.

Approximate front lines and potential directions of attack

Approximate front lines and potential directions of attack


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‘Truckers’ from ‘Rublevka’ — 147th Automotive Logistic Support Battalion

We had many discussions before about the transfer of Russian military equipment, including tanks, from different parts of the Russian Federation to Rostov region and then further to Donbas in Ukraine.

I was recently able to identify the automotive unit, which along with other logistic support units, was actively involved in the process of transferring weapons and equipment to Ukraine from June to September 2014. The 147th Automotive Logistic Support Battalion of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces (military unit 83466) which based at 68 Rublevskoe Shosse in Moscow.

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Up to 200 Russian Troop Casualties in Eastern Ukraine over 2 days

Several sources of information in Donetsk reported to the monitoring team of InformNapalm  that large number of Russian troops were killed on the 19th October 2014 as a result of an artillery strike in the area of Children’s Tuberculosis Hospital (label 1 on map). The number of casualty estimates varied between 100 and 200 soldiers. As the information is dramatic it was necessary for the InformNapalm team to carry out further verification. Continue reading

Russian T-90 Tanks of the 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade in Luhansk region

It is far from being a new subject, that of the Russian Federation military taking part in battles in Ukrainian Donbas. This has been reported in the Ukrainian media many times. But to all skeptics, both local and international, definite visual prove of these facts is always needed.

The presence of Russian tanks, particularly the newest “T-90”, has also been raised over the July-September period, but there was no trophy or photo-fact to prove it. Now we can know for sure that Russian T-90 tanks took part in battles near the Luhansk airport.

second photo

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