Buryat community against the war in Ukraine

For several days now we have been witnessing the saga of the deployment of military troops from the Eastern Military Distinct of Russia to the Ukrainian border. Buryat servicemen from Ulan Ude and Kyakhta are deployed to the Rostov area under the pretense of military exercises. Upon arrival, contracted servicemen are instructed that they could be engaged in the “humanitarian” operation in the territory of Ukraine, and they are made to sign non-disclosure agreements.

russia-zabaykalsky (buratya)

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Who is behind the shooting of Donetsk citizens? What is the OSCE role?

“On the 12th of November, Ukrainian artillery shelled Petrovskiy district of Donetsk,” says Russian propaganda source LifeNews (http://lifenews.ru/news/144859).


InformNapalm team decided to conduct its independent investigation of this incident and establish the reliability of the information reported by the Russian journalists.

Yesterday, 12.11.14, local residents did hear 18 explosions. The majority of the shells hit the village of the Chekist mine. In our conversations with the locals we learned that the shells came from three directions. Ukrainian conventional artillery was firing from Krasnohorivka. It was returning fire to the terrorists’ firing positions at the stadium near Markin Street. Several shells fell west of that location into a tree grove. Now the important part: in addition to the conventional artillery fire, two more launching positions MRLS were observed, and they have no connection to the Ukrainian side. The launches were made from the territory of Abakumova mine and from Tekstilschik district of Donetsk, specifically Donetsk Industrial Pedagogic College.

It would appear there’s no proof of that, however, the witnesses confirmed verbally that OSCE representatives refused to document the existence of a Grad rocket that broke through the roof and got stuck in the stove inside the house at 1 Chekistov Street. The rocket did not explode. The direction of the launch can be seen on this screenshot.



If we follow the line of the launch we will see that there are no positions of the Ukrainian Army or ATO forces.

Also, we would like to point out that the OSCE SMM, specifically its objectivity and national composition, has been questioned more frequently in the recent days by public figures and officials. European MP Jacek Emil Saryusz-Wolski commented on this in particular: http://www.eurointegration.com.ua/news/2014/11/13/7027759/.


We hope that OSCE representatives will conduct another, more objective investigation. Otherwise we would have to conclude that the tragedy at School 63 was not just a cynical terrorist attack by the militants, but the result of coordinated work of DPR and OSCE SMM representatives recruited by Russian intelligence.

Any use of InformNapalm/BurkoNews reports must include a valid reference to the source.

(c) InformNapalm

Translated by Eugenia Zlamanuk

Edited by Max Alginin

Unit of 79th Rocket Artillery Brigade, Western Military District, among the group of Russian Invasion forces.

In our efforts to detect and identify the military units and weapons of the Rostov group of the Russian invasion forces we found evidence of the presence of a new, never before observed unit of rocket artillery of the 79th Rocket Artillery Brigade, military unit 53956, Western Military District, permanently based in Tver.




79_279_3Judging from the available information and photos, the unit of the rocket brigade was transferred to Rostov Region toward the end of September 2014. At this time, it’s stationed near Millerovo airfield (the main camp of the Rostov group of the invasion forces).

We have no data about the composition of the unit. We can only assume that it consists of one battalion of 300-mm multiple rocket launch systems «Smerch» (four launch vehicles). The personnel deployed to Rostov region is rotated periodically and consists of contract servicemen.

Brief note: 79th Guards Rocket Artillery Novozybkov Orders of Red Flag, Suvorov, and Alexander Nevskiy Brigade m/u 53956 of the Western Military District is based in Tver. It’s equipped with 12 300-mm MRL «Smerch» (9A52) and consists of 3 rocket artillery battalions (four launch vehicles each). As of 2013, the brigade commander was colonel M. Oskolkov (this is like magic, even the commander’s last name means “shrapnel”.)

More details and photos regarding this military unit is available here: http://jury-tver.livejournal.com/147820.html and http://jury-tver.livejournal.com/175208.html.

More on this subject:

Author: Irakly Komaxidze

Translated by Eugenia Zlamanuk

Edited by Max Alginin


November 17, 2014 Weekly Summary by InformNapalm group

17kartaAt the end of last week a few significant changes happened, which in one way or another could affect the balance of the confrontation:

  1. According to the field reports, the Russian servicemen captured by Ukrainian security services (Evgeniy Tur and Alexander Bondaruk) provided the information about gradual reorganization within the militant groups, and about cleanup operations and «disappearances» of unwanted or uncontrollable individual militants or even their whole groups, conducted by the Russian armed forces, under the protection of the Russian special services. This “restructuring” has as its goal the creation of a unified army of Novorossiya, strictly controlled by the Russian security services. So far these activities have resulted in the worsening of the situation caused by periodic skirmishes among gangs, Cossack groups, DPR, and LPR groups. In such circumstances we foresee increased deployment of the regular Russian military, which will replace the poorly disciplined gangs in the Donbas.
  2. Over the past week, the guerrilla movement in the Donbas has become more active. Previously, we saw isolated attacks, but now you can see the tendency of increasing activity against the separatist and Russian forces by locals living in the occupied zone.

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Exclusive video of the interrogation of a Russian combatant in Donbass (Episode 1)

InfornNapalm team has obtained a unique video of the dialogue of a Russian combatant with Ukrainian armed forces representatives, filmed in a field camp. The video contains a bit of swearing, though generally it’s polite enough. The replies of the Russian combatant clearly demonstrate the absurdity of the Russian propaganda and its horror stories about “Right Sector” and “Kiev Junta” and other labels that Russian media tries to attach to Ukraine.

We divided the conversation of the DPR combatant from Russia and the Ukrainian trooper into 3 episodes.

As previously reported, Fedor Ustinov, a DPR terrorist and a citizen of Russia from Novorossiysk, born in 1983, was captured near Debaltsevo in the second half of October. He carried a DPR ID, an RPK-74 machine gun with bullets and a loaded RPG-18 Mukha.

State Security Department reported his capture on October 21st, posting his picture on their website and the Facebook page.

We would like to present not only the picture, but also the first part of the video trilogy about the Russian combatant. Watch it to the end, the dialogue is interesting and demonstrative enough.


Original video:

— Armed forces of which country do you represent?

— I don’t belong anywhere.

— Do you know what The Geneva Convention is?

— I’ve heard something.

— So what does The Geneva Convention declare?

… I will tell you a secret… may be it will clarify something to you… according to The Geneva Convention, there are terms “Combatant” and “Non-combatant” do You know what they mean?

(int. A combatant is a person who takes a direct part in the hostilities of an armed conflict. If a combatant follows the law of war, then he or she is considered a privileged combatant and upon capture, he or she will qualify as a prisoner of war under the Third Geneva Convention (GCIII). An unprivileged combatant is a person, such as a mercenary, who takes a direct part in the hostilities but who upon capture does not qualify for prisoner-of-war status.)

  • ..
  • Really? Are you joking? You went to war knowing nothing about it?

“Combatant” – is man who has a connection to the armed forces of some country. Or to law enforcement of this country. That is, insignias, chevrons, they would mean “combatant”, and the Geneva Convention applies to him… a combatant should be fed… treated and so on. And there’s a non-combatant, that is, a gangster. And a non-combatant has nothing. That is why I an asking you – are you a combatant or a non-combatant? Armed forces of what country do you represent, or you don’t represent anything?

  • I’m in Donbass People Militia.
  • What’s Donbass People Militia?
  • DPR armed forces.
  •  What’s DPR?
  • It’s a country.
  • My friend, let me tell you: there is no such country.

… To give you the right for self-determination… you should be separate… someone should acknowledge you… right?

  •  People express the right…
  • People express the right… it they express the right for self-determination… then someone should recognize all these actions, right?
  • Who? American government?
  • What does this have to do with America… Listen, Fedor? Is that your name? Fedor?
  •  Where are you from? Novorossiysk?
  • How did you get here?
  • I just came here.
  • How did you just come here? To “just come here” I crossed the border, what about you? How did you come?
  • The border is open – anyone’s free to cross it.
  • It’s called illegal invasion to the territory of another country
  • Oh, no… that’s nonsense.
  • Who are you by profession?
  • I’m an economist.
  • An economist? And you, an economist, just took a weapon and went on your way? Right?
  • I could not watch…
  • Watch what?
  • How regular people were being killed.
  • Did you see it yourself, how regular people were being killed?
  • Not with my own eyes.
  • So the rule “don’t believe it until you can see it and touch it” doesn’t apply to you? Right?
  • It partially applies.
  • What do you mean “partially”? … How could it be possible to evaluate what you did not see yourself?
  • How could I see it? I would have to join Right Sector…
  • What for? Wait, wait… I can clearly see how your comrades shoot my comrades, without joining the DPR militia… I see it personally, understand?… Personally saw it…

… and have the evidence of it… To my great regret, I can’t show it to you now, but I have the video of the bodies of our soldiers retrieved with bullet entry holes in the backs of the head and bullet exit holes in the forehead, and forensics confirmed, and it could be seen even without forensics, that their hands were tied behind their backs. They were just executed like that. Shot in the backs of the heads. That’s what I can prove to you. I saw it personally myself. And to tell about someone somewhere in Right Sector… Everyone’s fed up with Right Sector already…Have you seen this Right Sector yourself? Have you been at war long?

  •  No, not for real.
  • At war?
  • Since September.
  • Since September? And you’ve never seen Right Sector?
  • I am always at chEckpoints…
  • CheckpOints, you are distorting the great and mighty Russian language now! A man with a higher education! It’s a shame to see you distort the language! So who are you fighting? Ghosts? If you never saw them… I will bring you this video later… Of course you don’t believe my words but you will see it yourself… see it yourself…
  •  It’s a provocation
  • Of course, this video shows a man, who was later captured – it’s all a provocation… I am talking with you – this is also a provocation… I have a question – you went to a checkpoint… I just want to ask you – why the fuck did you come here?
  •  To protect regular people.
  • To protect them from who?
  • From those who kill them.
  • And who are you? Look, you would shoot me — why? Can you tell me?
  •  Because you would shoot me.
  • Did I shoot you? Even once?
  • No… Not now…
  • Oh, now… ok, I’m an enemy for you, we are talking. In Russian, mind you. I speak better Russian than you do… You see… If I go to your checkpoint… in Ukrainian uniform… right? Military uniform… and you will shoot… why will you shoot?
  •  I won’t shoot…
  • My dear friend, if that had never happened I wouldn’t be asking you these questions… Get it?
  • Someone shooting people who just went… to a checkpoint?
  • Do you know how many times I was shot at by your DPR? Without shooting them. Do you know how many times? Even just going for negotiations…
  •  And how many?
  • More than 20 times! A vehicle convoy moving… in the territory of its own state. And then people like you start shooting… Question: for what reason?
  • Possibly there was some prior history…
  • Wait… what fucking prior history?
  • Then it’s necessary to shoot. That there’s some kind of war ethics established…
  • What? War ethics? Ethics?!
  • ..
  • War ethics? Where are your chevrons? Where is your allegiance to any country? War ethics… Don’t give me crap about war, friend… Unlike you, I have two military professional specialities… And I didn’t buy them for bacon or with bribes… two hard earned specialities… Do you understand, my friend? And it’s not for you, an economist, to teach me the war ethics… the first question – what branch of military forces and of what country do you belong to? – Here’s your first question of military ethics… basic question…
  •  I‘ve already said…
  • Ok… where are your documents that prove your connection to that state and its military forces…
  • But you took my passport.
  • Stop! What documents?
  • Identification card…
  • I have your identification card… Your identification card of the People Military of Donbass. You are the citizen of another country. By law, you are a mercenary… And mercenaries here… So that… who are you here? A gangster?
  • I’m not a gangster.
  • You’re a gangster. My friend, you’re a gangster, captured with a weapon in your hands… Were you captured with a weapon?
  • Are you citizen of this country?
  • I’m a citizen of Russia.
  • Wait… What does that mean, that you’re a citizen of Russia? You’re a citizen of Russia –you’re all right in your Russia, get it? You can join the Russian Army, nobody would argue… But that’s there – in the territory of Russia. And you are in the DPR territory – right? I’ve already heard all this nonsense about “American mercenaries”. But you are not the citizen of DPR. Based on what law did you take a weapon in your hands and started fighting in this territory?
  •  DPR government has to decide this.
  •  Decide what? Do you know the government of DPR at all?
  • I saw many of them
  • That you saw them… That’s the same as I saw Pamela Anderson, but I don’t know her… Angelina Jolie… also good-looking… Who do you personally know? Who of DPR leaders can vouch for you? Can your commander vouch for you? I just want to understand: you came to DPR territory and just started patrolling a checkpoint by yourself?
  •  Yes
  • Wait! So, you stole the weapon?
  •  No
  • Where did you get it then?
  • It was issued.
  • Who issued it to you? Are there any papers? Was it recorded?
  • There were supposed to be records…
  • What does it mean “there were supposed to be records”? Do you know that the lack of accounting of weapons and other supplies is a precondition for theft? I won’t burden you with jurisprudence, but that’s a criminal charge… So someone made records about you, and some boss gave these to you… And who was the boss? Also a Russian citizen, or a citizen of DPR?
  • I did not ask for his passport.
  • Stop! You went to some random guy and said, “please give me a weapon,” and he said, “sure, take it”? That’s it?
  • I was sent from a military commissariat.
  • What military commissariat?
  • In Donetsk.
  • Wait… What military commissariat can be in Donetsk? DPR?
  • State military commissariat
  • Wait… Who recognized this state?
  • The most important thing, it was recognized by people.
  • What people?
  • People of Donetsk People Republic.
  • How much of DPR people have you seen?
  • Who else should recognized it? By USA?
  • What does… Mind you, you’re the only one here talking about the USA all this time. Mind you, I as a person am talking to you as a person… Not about USA, Germany and other nonsense… Have you ever been in jail?
  • You’ll get your chance now… because all your…
  • I got it already that I won’t get out of here…
  • Theft of a weapon, though you said that it was issued to you…
  • It wasn’t under Ukrainian jurisdiction, and you shouldn’t stick your nose in it.
  •  Where are you now? In what territory?
  •  In DPR territory.
  • Who decided that? Gubarev?
  • I know that people of such cities as Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Debaltsevo – they don’t want to see any of you… Do you know why? Because all you bring is filth…

Edited and translated for InformNapalm.org and Burkonews.info

Language of original – Russian

Translator: Eugenia Zlamaniuk

Editor: Max Alginin

Russian Air Force Operating in Ukraine [Video]

A short video has been found on the internet which provides evidence of Russian aircraft operating within Eastern Ukraine in support of the separatist forces.
Recently the internet has been flooded with videos and photographs of Russian soldiers and military hardware moving into Eastern Ukraine. The evidence of the build-up of the Russian forces has become indisputable (unless you are Putin of course, because then you can deny anything). What has been less clear is the role of the Russian Air Force in this build up. Air support in order to provide air defence, support to ground troops, and for rapid logistical support and transportation are all roles one would expect from the Russian Air Force in the context of the build-up their invasion forces. However this air support is much more difficult to identify.

Russian helicopter

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291st artillery brigade’s “Tour of duty” from Crimea to Donbass

Currently some howitzer and rocket artillery units from 291st Brigade, 58th Army, Southern Military District (military unit 64670, stationed in Troitskaya, Ingushetia) are being observed again in Rostov region on the Ukrainian border (along Sea of Azov). Continue reading

Show Must Go On, or The Foreplay

According to our observations, as well as the information and the materials by the “InformNapalm” team, the Russian side is preparing large scale provocations in several directions. We observe the activity of Russian troops in the occupied Crimea near the administrative border with Kherson region, as well as in the vicinity of Novoazovsk. At the same time, Russian military has become more active in Rostov region (Russian Federation). In particular, sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) have been pulled up towards the border; we also observe paratroopers of the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment of the 98th Guards Airborne Division (Kostroma, Pskov) and other units. Continue reading

The unit of the 7th Tank Brigade, Central Military District, among the invading forces in Eastern Ukraine

In the course of identification of Russian invasion forces and weapons, we found evidence of the presence of a unit of the 7th Tank Brigade, Central Military District, military unit 89547 (city of Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk region).

7-y-kamneski-raion-t-72-1024x687 sau

A unit from this brigade was previously observed in September. Troops were apparently rotated in October. At this time, a combined unit of T-72 tank crews (presumably, a company), artillery equipped with  2S3 “Akatsiya” (a battery), and motorised infantry (a company) belonging to the 7th Brigade is present in Kamensk district of Rostov region. Some of the personnel are contract soldiers that were given a refresher course for their specialties in the 473th district training centre in Elansk (Sverdlovsk region).

na-karte-1024x632 p-e

Many have noted that my recent articles largely refer to units from the northern regions of Russia. The reason is clear: the winter is coming. Apparently, Russian military command has decided to replace the southerners with Siberians and Northerners, who are better adapted and equipped for winter conditions. Here is a list of military units from the northern regions of the Russian Federation deployed towards the Ukrainian border:

– 61st Marine Brigade of the Northern Fleet from Murmansk region.
– 74th Motorized Brigade of the Central Military District from Kemerov region.

Units recorded earlier:
– 138th  Motorized Brigade of  the Western Military District from Leningrad region;
– 385th Artillery Brigade of  the Central Military District from Orenburg region;
– 35th  Motorized Brigade of  the Central Military District from Altai Krai;
– 32nd  Motorized Brigade of  the Central Military District  from Novosibirsk region;
– 37th (presumably) Motorized Brigade of  the Central Military District from Buryat Republic;
– 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet from Murmansk region.

As well as troops from brigades of Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces:

— Airborne Intelligence Group, 24th Separate Spetsnaz Brigade from Novosibirsk region

— 14th Separate Spetsnaz Brigade from Khabarovsk region

Short note: the 7th Independent Tank Brigade was formed on the basis of the former 34-th Motorized Rifle Division. The Brigade includes three tank battalions, a motorized infantry battalion, reconnaisance company, anti-aircraft and surface-to-air missile battalions, a combat support battalion, a self-propelled howitzer battalion, a multiple launcher rocket system battalion, a maintenance battalion, a sapper-engineer company, and other support units (more information here : http://cossac-awards.narod.ru/Sovrem_chasti_files/7_kaz_tank_brigada.html)

Recommended reading: https://burkonews.info/new-siberian-guests-border-ukraine-14th-brigade-special-forces-main-intelligence-department/

Author: Irakli Komakhidze

More on the story of the army sergeant captured in Ukraine (evidence)

As you may recall, on November 6  the team of “Inform Napalm” published the video message of Evgeniy Tur, the sergeant of Russian military unit 30616-6 of the 523 Guards Training Motorized Rifle Regiment. (More information is here: https://burkonews.info/russian-army-sergeant-captured-ukraine-video/)

The video, titled “I’m in Slovyansk!!!”, was posted by Evgeniy Tur on November, 5, at approximately 12:30 on the social network site VKontakte (https://vk.com/id106286824).

Our publication has received a wide public resonance, and the video from the page of the Russian sergeant was promptly spread by domestic and foreign media, but some gave to it more connotation of scandal, calling the video “A Russian soldier addresses Putin.» This was caused by questionable reporting by some media outlets, and not by our channel. In the video the sergeant did not speak to Putin, only answering the questions of a man behind the scene.

In the video background is the Slavyansk railway station. This fact doesn’t leave any chances for the Russian propaganda to claim that there are no the Russian military in Ukraine. However, it used a more sophisticated move, calling this sergeant an ‘actor’ and his page a fake.

By the way, some trolls insisted that the video was «fake» since behind the sergeant the sign «Slavyanskiy», not «Slavyansk” appeared in the distance.  Let us explain for heavy minded:» the city is Slavyansk «,» the station is Slavyanskiy »

Let’s consider some additional facts now:

Let’s take a look at the page of the sergeant in the Vkontakte social network. No, we’re not interested in what he, or someone else on his behalf, writes. We are interested in what others write about him:

Following comments on the post and the video. The first two comments to the video:
Fedor Konuykhov: [email protected] disaster!!!! Just seen!! Elena Didenko: Shit! Zhen’, take it easy there, you were set up skillfully…

Checking the pages of users:
Fedor Konuykhov (http://vk.com/id24373052)

Elena Didenko (http://vk.com/enka_penka)

Both pages belong to the people from the city of Vladimir. According to their comments, they know Evgeniy personally. The pages are real.

The comments to the post:
Mikhail Novikov (http://vk.com/mike_angel) also from Vladimir. He claims to be personally acquainted with Eugeniy:
— Тhe only thing is it’s not him writing this)
— Anton, as opposed to you I know him

The page of this user is real too.  The first post is on January 12, 2009.

Moving on. It’s becoming more and more interesting. Here is another comment by Anatoly Mayorov

  • Anton, no need to distort the reality… I know Tur very well… Been working with him more than a year… I heard that he planned to reach the Crimea in a tank – chasing some money… As for slaves… So you are also a slave and so what…

-Anatoliy, I like your education. You are a military professional. Are you in active duty now?
Higher educational institution: the Golitsynsky Russian FSB border guards Institute (http://www.gpi.fsb.ru)
Department: border guards
Chair: the 1st battalion
Form of study: Full-time course
Status: Graduate (Specialist)
Here’s Anatoli himself.

But that is just for starters. There’s still more.
We have the personnel list from the military unit, where Evgeniy Tur served (listed as no. 22):

We decided to go through this list and find his colleagues in social networks. Here are some of them:

1. Egor Karelin  (https://vk.com/senninha)

  1. Mikhail Vasiliev (https://vk.com/id13178578)
    3. Viktor Kochnev (https://vk.com/id18087663)
    4. Dmitriy Zveznenkov (https://vk.com/id24781759)
    5. Rustam Aliskenderov (https://vk.com/id45863494)
    6. Evgeniy Arbuzov (https://vk.com/id63647228). By the way, he reposted the video from the page of Evgeniy Tur:

7. Mikhail Sadkov  (https://vk.com/id133400159)

  1. Mikhail Vrublevskiy (https://vk.com/id154964979)
    9. Zeinitdin Aliev (https://vk.com/sershant94):
    10. Mahamed Bagandov (https://vk.com/rbagandov)
    11. Anatoli Ivanov (https://vk.com/id240481444)
    12. Evgeniy Pozdeev (https://vk.com/id247619503)

During our investigation we made a sociological study as well, which pointed out that the motto of the Russian soldiers is, “Leave your friend in trouble and in any unclear situation, hide your head in the sand». To our direct question «Do you know Evgeniy Tur?» only Rasul answered that he knows him. The others tried to deny it, although Arbuzov reposted the video of Evgeniy in Slavyansk later.

It is noteworthy that while the Russian Federation awards the terrorists with various diplomas and medals in Donbas, the imprisoned or killed military personnel remain hidden from public, their existence denied both by the official propaganda and small-time trolls.

Well, doesn’t the homeland need the active duty sergeant of the Russian armed forces Evgeniy Tur? According to the Russian canons he is not in Ukraine, therefore there’s nothing to be done about it. Russian soldiers, remember, you are only tools, brainless meat for your motherland, which won’t give even a sixpence for you…

Evgeniy was lucky. He was captured by ‘ukrops’ (Ukrainians), he can now drink coffee and reason that he should’ve “listened to his mom”. But some of his teammates were less fortunate — they become fertilizer for the rich Ukrainian soil.
You always have a choice…

Russia again concentrates its military forces on the border with Donbass

Russian troops that for a while were withdrawn and hidden (covered) “out of sight” inside the Rostov region, are again observed directly in the boundary with Ukraine regions.

For instance, early in November combined  (compounded) unit of 74th  motorized rifle brigade (military unit 21005, 41st  Central military command combined-arms army – Urga, Kemerovsk region) within infantry on ICV (infantry combat vehicles), reinforced by tanks T-72 and mobile artillery vehicle “Acacia” with rocket systems “Grad”, came forward from Millerovo (nearby the airport where the base camp and logistic base of the invasion forces group are located) towards south to Kamensky area of Rostov region, to deploy a field camp (compound).

222 333 444 555 1111
Similar “subscriprions” were also noticed before https://informnapalm.org/2202-podpyska/


A bit earlier we could observe deployment of other units (troops)  to the border, including belonging to the 8th rifle mountain brigade https://informnapalm.org/2568-show-must-go-yly-zhe-predvarytelnye-lasky/

A detachment (unit) of 74th SMRB separate motorized rifle brigade in Rostov Region was observed yet in September. https://informnapalm.org/1159-nezvanye-gosty-yz-sybyry/

Author: Irakly Komakhidze
Translated by: Roman Vlasov

The Russian Federation awards its terrorists in Ukraine with campaign medals of the Russian Ministry of Defense

In the photographs below one may observe quite a peculiar document – the so-called award certificate of the campaign medal “For the Return of Crimea”, given to a Russian citizen and a militant-terrorist Yevgeniy Karchanov, pursuant to the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation № 164 of March 28, 2014, and signed by the Ataman of the Kuban Cossack Host N. A. Doluda.


The medal “For the Return of Crimea” is a campaign medal established by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The fact that Russian militant-terrorists have been awarded this medal confirms that the Russian military collaborates with the so-called Cossack organizations, which, in fact, are unofficial back-up of Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Army.

6MquUyrJJzE-28-sentyabrya-2014-1024x768 c0UVpDtIQoc-29-marta-2014-1024x768 jBcxWo1KPVM-10-marta-2014-1024x768 OYvW-lFJamM-27-yyulya-2014-1024x768

The above-mentioned Karchanov (whose social network profile is https://vk.com/id90727716) has been awarded another medal, “For the Defense of Crimea”, with the award certificate signed by the so-called Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Crimean Republic S. V. Aksyonov.

As can be concluded from the photos, Karchanov had resided in Crimea starting from March 2014 alongside Kuban Cossacks. From July 2014, he has been recorded among the ranks of the so-called rebels of Luhansk People’s Republic.

The author: Iraklii Komakhidze
Translated by: Tetyana Mykhailiv

«Truckers -2» — Motorists of the Southern military command

It’s been several months since Russia started the process of deploying its military vehicles from different corners of RF to Rostov region and further on to Ukrainian Donbass. On November 2, a part of this potential separatists’ metal scrap was displayed in Luhansk, where the easily recognized T-72 tanks were demonstrated along with other kinds of vehicles that would be non-typical for the Ukrainian Military Forces and therefore impossible to explain away as trophies.

Previously, I had provided clear and detailed explanation of who transports Russian weapons and how it’s done. However let’s go back to this subject to add some depth and more photo evidence.

1-id99852940-15-sentyabrya-2014-t-90 2-id58440708-31.10.2014-11 3-id58440708-31.10.2014-t-64-14

Since the end of summer and until now, along with other Russian logistics troops, the deployment of heavy weapons and tanks across some of the uncontrolled sectors of the Russian border with Ukraine involved motor detachments of the units that belong to the Southern Military District (license plates with the district index “21”):

  • 474th separate motor battalion of heavy haulers, military unit 33027 (stationed at Millerovo, Rostov region).
  • Motor battalions of the 78th brigade of material and technical support, military unit 11384, 58th army (stationed in Budenovsk, Stavropol territory), and of the 99th brigade of material and technical support of 49th army, military unit 72153 (stationed at Maykop, Adygeya).1 2 3

Among the deployed vehicles were observed:

  • Currently in Russian service Т-90 and Т-72 tanks, as well as the out-of-service T-64.
  • Infantry fighting vehicles.
  • Airborne fighting vehicles (including infantry vehicles, self-propelled mortars “Nona-S”, and self-propelled guns “Sprut-SD”).
  • Self-propelled howitzers “Msta-S”.
  • Many others vehicles, with some of them found in Donbass as metal scrap, destroyed by Ukrainian army.
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To learn more about the deployment of Russian vehicles, we would recommend checking the following materials:

  • ‘Truckers’ from ‘Rublevka’ – 147th Automotive Logistic Support Battalion (https://burkonews.info/truckers-rublevka-147th-automotive-logistic-support-battalion/)
  • Haul. Experts with encyclopedic knowledge
  • “Donetsky Espress” – identification of Russian vehicles and weapons deployed to Donbass
  • The process of deployment of Russian weapons and vehicles to Donbass: how it works and what is delivered there.

Author: Irakly Komakhidze
Translated by: Roman Vlasov

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240 mm Mortars for 2S4 “Tyulpan” in Donetsk

Ukrainian mass media has repeatedly touched upon the subject of the possible possession of 2S4 “Tyulpan” 240 mm self-propelled mortars in Donbas by the “separatists” (or, to call a spade a spade, Russian military and their accomplices); however, so far there have been no visual confirmations of this.

The media wrote about the use of Tyulpans during the assault of the Luhansk airport and later Donetsk airport. They were also mentioned by the coordinator of the “InformNapalm” team Roman Burko on October 13 (recall that Tyulpans were seen in Donetsk in September and one of them was reported to be destroyed by militants themselves). However, many people questioned the likelihood of these events.

Now we would like to present the evidence that “separatists” do have 2S4 “Tyulpan” mortars. In the photo below you can see 53-F-864 HE (high explosive) rounds used by 2S4 “Tyulpan”.

In the photograph (1) with mortars for “Tyulpan” and photograph (2) with a mortar of a smaller caliber, you can see a militant from Abkhazia (territory of Georgia currently occupied by Russian forces). These mercenaries from Abkhazia are actively involved in terrorist activity in Donbas operating under Russian Special Services.

Anticipating tricky questions, we would like to answer them in advance:

Q: Where is the mortar itself?

A: We do not have a photograph of the motor tube itself. However rounds like those weigh over 130 kg and obviously cannot be shot from a sling. The presence of ammunition assumes the availability of a mortar to fire the ammunition.

Q: Why are mortars black and look like museum pieces?

A: The armament, just like its ammunition, is quite ancient. It is quite possible that the mortars above are drill ammunition rounds, but if you look closer at the first photo, you will see the tail fins of a standard gray mortar round.

2S4 “Tyulpan” self-propelled mortars and their ammunition is the armament of the Artillery Reserve of the High Command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. 410 units are in storage, other 20 units are distributed across several military units, including the 8th Separate Self-Propelled Division, military unit 64493, Tambov. In the third photo you can see a 53-F-864 round for 2S4 “Tyulpan”.

By Irakli Komakhidze