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Liveaboards in the Virgin Islands are offered on the Cuan Law, a sailing trimaran with all the things a diver needs on board. Virgin Island liveaboards take in the scenery of the beautiful Caribbean Islands whilst allowing you to visit wrecks and reefs a plenty.10/10(1). Virgin Islands Liveaboard Dive Boats. The only liveaboard vessel serving the British Virgin Islands is the 30-meter trimaran, the Cuan Law. Its mast is also 30 meters high and when under sail the boat can travel at a speed of 8-10 knots.Author: Joe.

Best Dive Review. The US Virgin Islands has much to offer all Scuba divers from beginners to seasoned professionals. More than 500 species of fish, 40 types of coral and hundreds of invertebrates are found in the the water’s of USVI. Silvery horse-eye jacks, queen triggerfish, vibrant blue tang, spiny Caribbean lobster, spotted eagle rays, Creole wrasses, and cleaner gobies are just a 3.4/5(12). Because British Virgin Islands (BVI) dive sites are many and are within close proximity to one another, the scuba diving liveaboard All Star Cuan Law offers a flexible itinerary. Rather than a set number of daily dives, our guests can log between 14 and 16 dives throughout their trip.

The British Virgin Islands are part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and one of the British Overseas Territories. These islands lie in the Caribbean Sea to the east of Puerto Rico. There are four main islands which are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Josh Van Dyk and more than 50 smaller islands and cays. The best diving in the British Virgin Islands is spread out around Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Scrub Island, Cooper Island and Jost Van Dyke. Most dives are suitable to all levels and feature memorable elements such as shipwrecks, seamounts, coral gardens and sandy bottoms.

8 Dive Liveaboards in the Bahamas, Caribbean - British Virgin Islands (BVI), Indonesia, Philippines - Scuba Diving Vacations - Luxury to Budget Dive Trips. For sun lovers the top deck is a great place to soak up the rays, and is definitely the best area to enjoy a stunning sunset around the British Virgin Islands. Let the experienced and professional crew of the Cuan Law help to create the perfect diving trip in the British Virgin Islands. Call us or book online today. Read more about Cuan Law10/10(1).

Sailing and Exploring the Virgin Islands. Between dives there are some spectacular land excursions. The Baths on Virgin Gorda is the premier attraction of the Virgin Islands. The Baths feature a virtual landslide of huge granite boulders that cascade down a hillside to the water’s edge. The corkscrewing exit at one of the British Virgin Islands’ most unique dive sites, Grand Central Station, is 15 feet overhead. The tunnel cut by the tides through the headland near Muskmelon Bay will deliver us back into the daylight. But the surge is churning our planned exit point into a foamy mousse.