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59 rows · Jun 10, 2019 · Most complete Condom SIZE CHART with condom width, length & thickness. Find your perfect fit. Over 50 condoms included with small, regular and large condom sizes & major brands: Durex, Trojan, Lifestyles, ONE, Okamoto etc (updated 2019). When it comes to finding the perfect condom, size matters.You don't want your condom to fall off or break because it's the wrong size. Use this condom size chart to compare different condom lengths and widths and get an idea of the size ranges available.

Jan 11, 2018 · Once you measure your penis size, you’ll be able pick out the best condom for you without a problem. Not only is a proper fit key to preventing pregnancy and disease transmission, it Author: Annamarya Scaccia. Apr 23, 2019 · While this is a good form of measurement and one that most people use to measure condom size, the condoms length is not necessarily the most important based on the average penis size. A report from King's College of London and their researchers, states they went through 17 studies that examined the penis size of more than 15,000 men.Author: Bill Haney.

76 rows · Jun 10, 2019 · This condom calculator helps you find the most appropriate condoms . To figure out your size, you need to measure your penis at a time when it is erect. For accurate measurement of erect penis length, hold one side of a ruler or tape measure on your pubic bone and measure to the tip of your penis.; For width (girth), use a piece of string or a soft measuring tape and gently wrap it around the thickest part of your erect penis.

Jan 01, 2013 · To understand if your penis girth fits condom width simply divide your penis circumference by 2.25. How did we get this formula? Read this post for research details. Jump to Trojan Size Chart, Durex Size Chart, LifeStyles Size Chart. Our size charts are constantly updated, so please join our Facebook, Twitter or RSS feed to keep informed. Mar 20, 2019 · The condom size (e.g. how well it fits) plays a huge role in the condom’s effectiveness. If a condom is too large, it could come off during intercourse while condoms that are too small could break. If a condom is not long enough to cover the entire penis, bodily fluids could be transferred to your partner.

Aug 27, 2017 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. We get asked all the time many questions about Condom Sizes. We carry the largest assortment of various sized products. From Small to Average to Large to Magnum, we definitely have the correct size and fit for just about every man.