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AMATEUR RADIO SATELLITES There are a few satellites specifically designed to be used by amateur radio (licensed) operators. You can check the status and communication frequencies of all active amateur radio satellites on the following web pages: DK3WN, JE9PEL. Satellites marked with C support uplink communication in amateur radio bands. Ham radio exclusive: Amateur radio satellite passes for. An amateur radio satellite is an artificial satellite built and used by amateur radio operators for use in the Amateur-satellite service. These satellites use amateur radio frequency allocations to facilitate communication between amateur radio stations.. Many amateur satellites receive an OSCAR designation, which is an acronym for Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio.

Nine Amateur Radio satellites will be among 20 satellites set to launch on September 18 from China. China Amateur Satellite Group CAMSAT CEO Alan Kung, BA1DU, told ARRL that the satellites will head into space at 2300 UTC and separate from the rocket 15:14 after launch. Four of the microsatellites. China’s Amateur Satellite Group CAMSAT said this week that nine satellites carrying Amateur Radio payloads have been delivered to the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Central China. CAMSAT CEO Alan Kung, BA1DU, said they’re expected to launch between September 7 and .

CAS-7B (BP-1B) satellite is an amateur radio satellite combined with educational. Chinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT) is working the project with Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), one of the most famous aerospace universities in China. The university provides support in launch of the satellite, there are many teachers and. Amateur Radio Satellites FM Satellites SSB Satellites Digital Satellites General Satellite Information. I have separated the main satellite page into satellite types. This reduces your scrolling when you are looking for specific information and it makes updating easier.

In the China, amateur radio licensing is governed by the State Radio Regulation of China(SRRC).. The CRAC Amateur Radio Operation License is issued by the China Radio Association Amateur Radio Working Committee (CRAC).