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Mountain Dew won’t affect your sperm count, but other factors might make it difficult to have a child. Infertility is caused by a variety of health issues. This includes infections that reduce sperm production, such as gonorrhea, HIV, and inflammation of the testicles.Author: Valencia Higuera. If Internet chatter is any indication, it is widely believed among people that drinking Mountain Dew "kills sperm cells" or, at minimum, drastically lowers a male's sperm count. There are some who fear it may cause impotency, while others seem to view it as a cheap and easy method of birth control.

Aug 11, 2019 · Mountain Dew does not affect your testis, sperm, or penis size in any way. However, many experts say that Mountain Dew contains 55mg of caffeine in 12oz, which is quite high, especially compared to Pepsi that has only 37.2mg of caffeine, so it can . Even if the eventual answer to the question “Does Mountain Dew Kill Sperm?” is “no”, you may still wish to limit your intake, to avoid other potential issues with your health. They include: Diabetes. Mountain Dew contains high amounts of sugar, which can cause obesity. This is Author: Colleen Carteaux.

Jan 22, 2013 · Mountain Dew does not kill your sperm, lower sperm count, make your penis smaller, or shrivel up your testicles (unless it’s ice cold and placed directly on your testicles, then there might be some temporary shriveling). Aug 15, 2018 · There are two reasons why some people mistakenly believe Mountain Dew kills sperm — caffeine and yellow dye 5. These ingredients are in Mountain Dew but not in high enough quantities to kill sperm. Though Mountain Dew does not affect fertility, many other unrelated factors can lower sperm counts and affect male fertility.Author: Jenna Fletcher.