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For 30 years we have helped people start families through home insemination. Home insemination (ICI) is an easy process that you can do in the comfort of your own home. The donor sperm you select is shipped to your home in a nitrogen tank container. us. es. Delivery of Donor Sperm and Terms; If you would like to order sperm for home insemination outside of the United States and Europe, please contact our.

When you order donor sperm, you can choose to purchase for delivery and/or reserve donor sperm, which we then store for you. This ensures that the donor straws are available for possible delivery and treatment at a later date. If you want to be sure you can receive sperm from your favorite sperm donor, you must reserve immediately! Baby Dust Delivery may be able to help you. Our kits are designed to assist woman in achieving pregnancy with donor sperm in the comfort of their own home. Although we do not provide the sperm, our customers send our kits to their donor and the donor prepares the donation and overnight ships it back to the recipient. Our kits are designed to.

Aug 13, 2019 · Donor Home Delivery allows your donor to ship sperm with a non-toxic preservative on a cold pack so it will remain viable for insemination. The preservative keeps sperm viable for up to 96 hours in a refrigerator and has been used for decades by fertility clinics. Online Ordering FAQs. You have a choice of an e-mail or phone confirmation for donor sperm orders. At what point can I cancel my sperm order? You must cancel your order 24 hours before the scheduled ship date to avoid a $100 restocking fee. What happens if I accidentally do a duplicate order?