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May 12, 2010 · A more loose translation from the anime would be “This is delicious cake. Give her a lick.” However, the anime was released in 2008, which was much later after this meme took off in 2006, so I doubt this is the origin. catchphrase, 4chan, cake, this is delicious cake you must eat it Additional References Encyclopedia Dramatica Urban Dictionary About "This is delicious cake. You must eat" is an expression used on 4chan to describe one's predicament of having a strong desire to see something that is considered taboo, often at the risk of undesirable consequences. OriginAuthor: Christina Liddle.

It is delicious cake, you must eat it. by michaelschalla Great job here. I love your use of soft light to illuminate her body, but emphasizing the outline, if you will, of her body, & her contours, instead of using very bright, garish light, which would destroy all the aforementioned. My congrats. THIS is true art. Jun 26, 2007 · Our Delicious Nintendo Switch Lite and Cream Pokemon Thoughts - NVC 465.

May 18, 2007 · 7 Responses to This Is Delicious Cake, You Must Eat It. It’s a creepy thought, though. Mice making cakes. What has the world come to? That’s actually a hamster. Ubercuteness FTW!4.3/5(17). Top definition. delicious cakefood. you must get to the delicious cake. no matter what the obsticles there is always a way to reach the cake even if you die several seconds after and you have knowledge that you will die or be raped. or both at the same time, even if you are sodemised while eating the cake. the cake must be eaten.