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Cross-posted by Gary Fouse fousesquawk Professor Henry Louis Gates- A victim of racist cops? I was going to pass on commenting on the Henry Louis Gates incident in Cambridge this week because I was not familiar with Gates and felt that I didn't really know the facts well enough to come to a conclusion.Author: Gary Fouse. Bravo Barack Gates' Case Dropped, Debate Over Blame Goes On And Chewing On Cheney. “acted stupidly” in their arrest of Harvard University African American studies professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. after responding to reports of a burglary at his I tend to regard Dick Cheney the way most of us divorced folks probably think of our ex Author: Ed. Dickau.

In My Time, by Dick Cheney, Black in Latin America, by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (N.Y.U.; $26.95). More than eleven million Africans landed as slaves in the New World between 1502 and 1866, but. Hey Reuniters, Over the past week, I've been emailing with the great Henry Louis Gates Jr. He wants to help with the Global Family Reunion. We're still working out exactly what form his participation will take, but he's a supporter of the project. He asked if we were cousins. I couldn't find a path, but maybe some of the more expert genealogists would want to give it a shot?

Sep 14, 2011 · “In My Time,” by by Dick Cheney, with Liz Cheney (Threshold; $35) Cheney’s unreliability as a narrator is pronounced: if one believes his account of having to get a Author: Sally Errico. Jul 30, 2009 · Monologue | Aired Wednesday night on “The Late Show With David Letterman: Big kegger at the White House tomorrow. Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. will be there and Sergeant James Crowley will be there, coming over for beer. It’s going to be a .

Jul 10, 2009 · Gates makes a phone call and asks to speak to "the chief." Crowley said "Gates was telling the person on the other end of the call that he was dealing with a racist police officer in his home." This is the point where Gates told Sgt. Crowley "you don't know who you are messing with," and "you haven't heard the last of this.". Aug 01, 2009 · I find myself completely embarrassed by the actions of Henry Louis Gates Jr. I'm even more embarrassed that the President took the stand that the police officer was behaving in a racist manner. Gates is the kind of black person that sees the world .

Cheney is the subject of the documentary film The World According to Dick Cheney, premiering March 15, 2013, on the Showtime television channel. [143] [144] [145] Cheney was also reported to be the subject of an HBO television mini-series based on Barton Gellman 's 2008 book Angler [146] and the 2006 documentary The Dark Side, produced by the Children: Liz, Mary.