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Jul 08, 2015 · I spank my dogs especially my puppy then today she bit my hand and I held her head down on the ground and tore her behind up I hold her by her scruff that’s how dogs do it by the scruff or the throat the dog on the bottom STOPS fighting cause my puppy thinks she dominate im showing her I’m the dominate female not her. Do You Spank Your Dog? During a lesson last week I was asked by a client, “When is it okay to spank your dog?” I was really stopped short by this question, but admittedly not too surprised as there are still those that resort to getting really physical when it comes to correcting their dogs. Of course, my .

Hitting, Spanking, Smacking, Slapping. If you are considering training your dog, or any animal for that matter, you need to be aware that making angry physical contact with the animal is something that is out of the question. The only type of contact that is appropriate is of the loving kind, such as petting and stroking. My dog (4yrs, pit. Spanking, beating, and hitting a dog, is sometimes used as a form of dog discipline or dog punishment. it really depends on the dog i should say the rest of my dogs can understand a “STOP IT!” except for this one single dog that feels he is alpha which i really hate when he growls over food, over being near his space etc that often.

Jul 31, 2012 · The dog cried out in pain at the last hit. That’s when I lost my cool. The Warning. Continuing with my story, the front desk employees at the vet’s office were now watching the situation, and the veterinarian had just walked out as I leaned forward to make sure my . I Spanked My Dog, Now He Hates Me. Call Today! Sam Basso PHOENIX, AZ AREA: (602) 708-4531 OR, if you are out of this area, inquire about a telephone or e-Lesson.

Feb 06, 2017 · I vote no, but not because I’m against physical corrections (I’m not, when they are used properly) but because dogs don’t hit each other. Dogs communicate and correct each other All. The. Time. but they are not primates like us. They don’t have ha. Nov 12, 2007 · Update 2: I never thought their would be this much people against spanking a dog, the way I see it, if you can spank a child, you know a human being, than you should be able to spank a dog (light tap, not beat up).. Thanks for the info everybody, it is really helpful!Followers: 1.

Apr 08, 2011 · How to Discipline Your Puppy. Puppies have to learn a lot as they grow into adult dogs. This means that they'll occasionally show bad behavior as they test limits and learn their boundaries. You'll need to learn how to react to such bad 83%(23). Oct 15, 2014 · In my home, I’m top dog. I’m in control. I have the power. For me to then use that power to abuse my dogs – and hitting is abuse – is the opposite of being a responsible dog owner. To hit, because I lack the power and I’m trying to gain it back, is not being a responsible dog owner.