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A New Way to Subscribe – Contact Medi-Cal Subscription Service Representatives Bulletins and Manuals Navigation Tool Navigating Medi-Cal and Specialty Health Programs. Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans Beneficiaries enrolled in Medi-Cal managed care plans (MCPs) must receive Medi-Cal enteral nutrition benefit from plan providers. MCPs are required to provide or arrange for medically necessary enteral nutrition products as a covered Medi-Cal benefit. Each MCP is unique in its billing and service procedures.

Medi-Cal Recipients. The Medi-Cal Contacts page of the Department of Health Care Services website offers important contact information for a variety of recipient resources. The contact page includes Medi-Cal resources and health information for individuals, families, children with special medical conditions and seniors needing personal care. The conversion indicators and conversion factors listed in the Rates worksheet are used in the Medi-Cal pricing system to calculate maximum reimbursement rates for physicians, non-physician medical practitioners, hospital outpatient departments and podiatrists (for example, conversion factor X unit value equals the maximum rate). The above chart can be used to calculate rates for other.

Medi-Cal, the Medicaid program in California, provides health coverage to people with low-income and asset levels who meet certain eligibility requirements.While there are several ways to qualify for Medi-Cal, this section focuses only on Medi-Cal beneficiaries who also qualify for Medicare — individuals who are over a certain age and/or disabled. How do I register my baby for the Medi-Cal Access Infant Program? Note: Babies born to mothers in MCAP have eligibility to healthcare in the Medi-Cal Managed Care healthcare delivery system unless they are enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance or no-cost Medi-Cal.