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Lick Road is home to the legend of Amy, a 30 year old woman said to have been killed here by her boyfriend. Located just outside Cincinnati, it is one of the areas more popular "haunted" hot spots. Lick Road dead ends at the Richardson Forest Preserve, maintained by . 07/20/2004: Thank you to Melissa for sending in the first story from Lick Road, near Cincinnati. Melissa tells about the sighting of a blue orb that she and her friend saw there one night in July of 2004. It is interesting that nothing appeared on their video, only audio prevailed.

Lick Road. Despite its name, Cincinnati’s Lick Road is not a fun road to travel on. It twists and turns its way through woods and past farmhouses before dropping you down a steep hill, where the road suddenly ends right at the border of Hamilton and Butler counties. Jul 30, 2012 · Amy - The Ghost of Lick Road Most of you are aware of ghost stories in your own neighborhoods or cities. Tragic circumstances where people lost their life just to be immortalized in local haunting tales passed on by relatives or friends. In some cases, the stories have been retold so much that the story itself goes in different directions Author: Rita.

Legend at Pope Lick is a haunted house that explores Louisville’s legendary folklore, the Pope Lick Monster. The Goat Man has been terrorizing the Louisville community for over fifty years and is one of the city’s most investigated legends.