Want to Help?

Help Spread the News and Generate Support for Ukraine


BurkoNews runs on volunteers. Without volunteer translators the news stays in Ukraine and doesn’t reach the world at large. We are always looking for extra people to assist in translating and editing articles. Translation and editing is needed from Russian to English, and also to German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Slovakian, Czech etc.

If you are willing to make a commitment to translate an article each week for the team we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us on Facebook.

Show support for Ukraine’s situation through your social media

Ukraine needs as much international support as possible. International support is critical to keep the pressure on Putin to stop the war, and to get your government to take decisive diplomatic action against the Russian Federation. Post links to BurkoNews.info (https://burkonews.info/) on your Facebook page, on your website, on your social forums, and any other place in which you are active on the Internet.

We would also recommend http://euromaidanpress.com/.

Financial Donations

There are a growing number of organizations of volunteers both in Ukraine and internationally who are raising funds for the soldiers of Ukraine. The type of help ranges from purchasing basic supplies for troops (such as soap, socks, water, etc); to critical equipment for combat (such as helmets and body armor); to life saving medical supplies and equipment. In this way millions of Ukrainian Hrivna have been raised, both from citizens in the country and also internationally.

Euromaidenpress has published a list of vetted organizations, the work they do, their details for sending donations. Please follow this link and choose an organization you would like to donate to. Every little bit helps!!!

It is also possible to support some of the volunteer battalions who are fighting for Ukraine directly.

Donbass Battalion: https://www.facebook.com/CTBDonbas and http://battalion-donbass.info/en/

Help with getting supplies to Ukraine

Information is kindly supplied by Euromaidanpress.com

Shipping medical supplies

Not all essential medicines are freely sold in Ukraine. It is very difficult to buy them even having enough finance. But the demand for the medicines is almost unlimited because every soldier has to be provided with them. If you live abroad or often travel, you can help a lot by buying (on eBay, Amazon, in pharmacies or online pharmacies) and sending/delivering essential medicines to Ukraine. It is also possible to order medicines online from Ukraine but the delivery time usually amounts to 2 weeks, so it makes sense to appeal to friends or relatives abroad.

See this website for a list of the most essential supplies needed.

Carrying supplies into Ukraine

If you frequently cross the Ukrainian border, you could help with transporting those goods that can’t be imported in large quantities, for example helmets, bullet-proof vests, medicine. If you travel frequently inside Ukraine, you could help with transporting them to the East. Please contact [email protected] (source).