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Oklahoma Laws & Statutes On Sexual Assault And Sexual Abuse (866) 577-2786 If you or someone you love recently became the victim of a sexual crime, you may be struggling with questions about your legal 5/5. Oklahoma's Sexual Abuse of a Child Statute by Tulsa Criminal Lawyer Kevin Adams. Call 9for a free consultation. If you or a family memeber are accussed of sexual abuse of a minor child in Oklahoma there is a lot for you to learn. Oklahoma has a very broad sex abuse of a minor child statute.

He faces four counts of lewd molestation and four counts of child abuse. Loganbill was arrested in Kansas on April 17 following an investigation by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department in Oklahoma. In February, officials with Goodwell Public Schools contacted the sheriff’s department to report sexual misconduct by Loganbill. The term "sexual assault" refers to any crime where the offender subjects the victim to unwanted and offensive sexual touching.In Oklahoma, the three main sexual assault crimes are rape, rape by instrument, and forcible sodomy.. Oklahoma's Rape Laws. In Oklahoma, rape is defined as an act of sexual intercourse involving vaginal or anal penetration (with someone who isn't the offender's spouse.

Ownership of a privately-operated Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) halfway house near Tulsa has changed hands in the midst of at least two lawsuits and possible criminal charges stemming from allegations that the owner of a sandwich shop routinely subjected female work release prisoners to sexual harassment and abuse. Oklahoma Sexual Assault Examination Fund. Payment Look-up. The Sexual Assault Examination Fund is administered through the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program. Funds are received through a legislative authorization to transfer from the Victims Compensation Fund.