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You'll say suck it up, big boy Then you're going to say there will be no after Only photographs and time But should I ever be flooded with memories And drunk on the moonlight I promise I'll be just fine Like a picture in black and white In black and white, in black and white Take a picture in black and white In black and white, in black and white. Drink up the night Suck up the light Shut up and fight Back to the grave Swallow your tears Follow your fears Hold back. Life's Gonna Suck. Denis Leary. Lock 'N Load. Denis Leary. 1997. Life's gonna suck when you grow up, When you grow up, when you grow up Life's gonna suck when you grow up, It sucks pretty bad right now Hey.

Suck It Up Lyrics: You couldn't take me anyway / She laughed, I said, I bet you're wrong / Don't you underestimate my dirty mind / My dirty talk, my dirty thoughts / Can't you feel it in the way my. Suck it up [REPEAT X 3] It’s not the end of the world It’s just a phase They all love to see you fall Flat on your face It seems as hard as I try They underestimated I don’t belong here anymore No, it’s not me No, I can’t breathe No, I am not afraid It’s just the end of the day [CHORUS] How can I .

A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "suck it up" - from the Lyrics.com website. Lyrics to 'Suck It Up' by Hed Pe. Ladies and gentlemen for our next fight / Please welcome from Huntington Beach, California / Are you ready? / Ladies and.

Lyrics to 'Suck It Up' by Ayria. When I see you there facing your rival To everyone it's clear you're in denial And now it's come to this I thought it never would Now I see you here facing your rival. Jo Hikk - Suck It Up Lyrics. Minding my own business Down at the Coconut Caboose Happy hour was servin' up rounds of silver bullets And all hell there was breaking loose.

Growing Up Sucks Lyrics: (Hook) / Close The Door / Cause I ain't going anywhere / Tonight I'm yours / Party's over here / Till it's bright outside / We can't see shit / Lookin at my eyes / While i'm.