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1: Go into MENU of your virgin mobile. 2: Select the option SETTINGS. 3: Enter your four digit code when asked. 4: Select the call blocking option. 5: Enter the number you want to block. The number will be blocked. Text Message Block. You can also block text messages which you do not want to receive on your mobile. 1: Visit the virgin mobile website and access your account there. How to Block Phone Number On Virgin Mobile Phone. Then click on 'messaging setting' on the left bar. On the messaging setting page, scroll down to 'block text', add the phone number you like to block its messages and click 'update'. Also you can block an email address from sending to you emails on the phone using the same form.

Solved: Since Virgin Mobile doesn't offer call blocking, does anyone know of an app that uses a small amount of memory that does this job? Have an. Dec 11, 2010 · Answers. I was directed by Virgin Mobile to block Bloomingdales from texting me promotional stuff by opening up a new text message, and send it to: 9999 then in the body of the text you type the word: block followed by the number you are blocking, so mine looked like: block 25666 (that's the number Bloomingdales was sending their spam from).Followers: 1.