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top bottom vers - Versatile Bottom in Gay Relationships -- What It Means

May 23, 2019 · Bottom vs. Top. The term can be used in both gay sex and heterosexual sex regardless of position. It has to do with penetration, not actual position. A versatile top typically prefers being a top rather than a bottom, but, like a versatile bottom, he's comfortable with sharing the dominant role. Oct 20, 2015 · Take a look below at what the differences are between a top and a bottom! Simply put, a top is the man who is doing the penetration—he tends to be a little bit more aggressive. On the other hand, the bottom is the one on the receiving end and tends to be a little bit more submissive. Pro tip: No one really likes a bossy bottom.

In the gay couple, a verse top is someone who does the top for sex but willing to be topped too. Many Top, Bottom, and Verse quizzes don't really ask the TRUE Questions. This one is rated the most Accurate.