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Gay-Lussac formulated the law between 18while building an air thermometer. These example problems use Gay-Lussac's law to find the pressure of gas in a heated container as well as the temperature you would need to change the pressure of gas in a container. What are examples of Gay-Lussac's law? Gay-Lussac's Law There is a set of gas laws that relate properties of ideal gases to each other, all of which can be combined into the Ideal Gas Law, and one.

Gay-Lussac's Law Example. Case 1: A cylinder contain a gas which has a pressure of 125kPa at a temperature of 200 K. Find the temperature of the gas which has a pressure of 100 kPa. Pi = 125 kPa, Ti = 200 K, Pf = 100 kPa. An example of Gay-Lussac's Law in everyday life is the shooting of a gun. As gunpowder burns, it creates superheated gas, which forces the bullet out of the gun barrel following Gay-Lussac's Law. Other everyday life examples can be found in things that use gas and pressure in order to function. Continue Reading.

Examples of Gay-Lussac’s Law When a pressurized aerosol can (such as a deodorant can or a spray-paint can) is heated, the resulting increase in the pressure exerted by the gases on the container (owing to Gay-Lussac’s law) can result in an explosion. Jul 04, 2014 · You can read about Gay-Lussac's Law here. Some real-life applications of the law are: • Firing a bullet. When gunpowder burns, it creates a significant amount of superheated gas. The high pressure of the hot gas behind the bullet forces it out of the barrel of the gun. • Heating a closed aerosol can. The increased pressure may cause the container to explode.