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cats who lick their fur off - Why Does My Cat Lick Her Fur Until There's a Bald Spot?

It’s not uncommon for cat owners, alarmed to find a bald spot near a kitty’s belly or armpit, to ask their veterinarian for advice about handling excessive grooming. Contrary to popular opinion, licking off entire patches of fur isn’t typically related to a behavioral problem in . Although compulsive cat scratching, licking, or chewing behaviors can develop in any animal, they are more commonly observed in Siamese cats and other Oriental breeds. Female cats are more likely than males to lick, chew, or pull on their fur.Author: Hilary Parker.

Nov 04, 2007 · Thomas: Allergies are not the only thing that can cause a cat to lick all her fur off. Sometimes this behavior is a result of stress. Cats vary in their ability to tolerate stressful events in their lives, and some things that don’t seem stressful to people can make cats very upset.Author: The Paws And Effect Gang. Aug 28, 2018 · There are many reasons that cats lick and for the most part, these are for normal instinctual grooming reasons. However, this behavior can become excessive with behavioral problems or in response to a medical problem to the point that it leads to the cat licking their fur off. In this article, we will review why cats will lick off their fur.

Dec 07, 2016 · If your cat is excessively grooming herself to the point of licking off her fur, there's likely a medical or psychological reason for it. Fleas, a skin condition or another underlying medical condition might be causing her skin to become irritated, prompting her to lick. An obsessive disorder also Author: Susan Paretts. Why Would a Cat Lick Off Its Fur? by Naomi Millburn. Cats have their own daily stress factors, from scary visits to the veterinarian's office to bullying from another pet in the household. When a cat attempts to cope with anxiety by obsessively licking her coat, she essentially is trying to soothe and comfort herself in the midst of a wave.

She has NO FLEAS. I do not think it is ALLERGIES as her diet/environment has not changed. I've seen her go hours and hours without licking her belly but then I'd come into my bedroom some afternoon and she's licking her belly and legs again. None of my other cats as of yet have begun to lick their fur off. By: Julie Ann El Segundo, CA Replied on 04/19/2011. A cat licking hair off his front legs is a bit unusual. Licking the back legs and stomach are far more common. If your cat is licking anywhere else on his body or scratching I would check closely for fleas.Late summer and fall are the worst for fleas.

I have a cat who licks her lower belly almost bare. The bare patch extends forward just past her rear nipples. She started this behavior a year or so ago, when she was around ten years old. The height of the fur in this patch varies: sometimes it is almost bare, other times (such as . Mar 02, 2008 · My cat continually licks the fur off her stomach and hindqarters. I changed her diet to 100% grain free over 6 months ago as well as have her vet suggest a daily oral ''relaxer'' for 3 months but nothing has helped.