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Jul 23, 2019 · The Strip District is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for a number of reasons. It is home to a large assortment of international grocery stores and retailers, boutique shops, independent merchants, and several of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh (many of which feature international cuisine as well).. Although we've been down to the Strip District hundreds of times over Author: Jeremy. The Strip District, known nationally and regionally as Pittsburgh’s Historic Market District, is a thriving, diverse neighborhood filled with residents, workers, visitors and tourists from across the nation. It is a unique blend of retail & wholesale businesses, urban residences and arts & cultural organizations.

Aug 11, 2019 · The Strip District is an area downtown Pittsburgh filled with many shops for all ages. As you might guess most of them sell Steelers, Pirates and Penquins paraphernalia but 4.5/5(2.8K). "The Strip," as locals call it, is just that – a narrow strip (one-half mile) of land between the Allegheny River and a mountain of a hill. One More Thing. After building his first factory in the Strip District in 1871, George Westinghouse not only invented air brakes and AC current, but introduced paid vacations and half-days off on Saturdays.

Trendy shops like Mike Feinberg Company “The Party King” are interspersed among the restaurants, businesses, and nightclubs. Whether you are in search of a Terrible Towel, the freshest tuna, or a fun day taking in the sights and sounds of Pittsburgh’s famous business district, The Strip will not disappoint. It has something for everyone. Once a hub for manufacturing and shipping, the Strip District is now a food and shopping destination unlike any other in the country. Of course, you can get more than food in the Strip. Bikes.