Exclusive video of the interrogation of a Russian combatant in Donbass (Episode 1)

InfornNapalm team has obtained a unique video of the dialogue of a Russian combatant with Ukrainian armed forces representatives, filmed in a field camp. The video contains a bit of swearing, though generally it’s polite enough. The replies of the Russian combatant clearly demonstrate the absurdity of the Russian propaganda and its horror stories about “Right Sector” and “Kiev Junta” and other labels that Russian media tries to attach to Ukraine.

We divided the conversation of the DPR combatant from Russia and the Ukrainian trooper into 3 episodes.

As previously reported, Fedor Ustinov, a DPR terrorist and a citizen of Russia from Novorossiysk, born in 1983, was captured near Debaltsevo in the second half of October. He carried a DPR ID, an RPK-74 machine gun with bullets and a loaded RPG-18 Mukha.

State Security Department reported his capture on October 21st, posting his picture on their website and the Facebook page.

We would like to present not only the picture, but also the first part of the video trilogy about the Russian combatant. Watch it to the end, the dialogue is interesting and demonstrative enough.


Original video:

— Armed forces of which country do you represent?

— I don’t belong anywhere.

— Do you know what The Geneva Convention is?

— I’ve heard something.

— So what does The Geneva Convention declare?

… I will tell you a secret… may be it will clarify something to you… according to The Geneva Convention, there are terms “Combatant” and “Non-combatant” do You know what they mean?

(int. A combatant is a person who takes a direct part in the hostilities of an armed conflict. If a combatant follows the law of war, then he or she is considered a privileged combatant and upon capture, he or she will qualify as a prisoner of war under the Third Geneva Convention (GCIII). An unprivileged combatant is a person, such as a mercenary, who takes a direct part in the hostilities but who upon capture does not qualify for prisoner-of-war status.)

  • ..
  • Really? Are you joking? You went to war knowing nothing about it?

“Combatant” – is man who has a connection to the armed forces of some country. Or to law enforcement of this country. That is, insignias, chevrons, they would mean “combatant”, and the Geneva Convention applies to him… a combatant should be fed… treated and so on. And there’s a non-combatant, that is, a gangster. And a non-combatant has nothing. That is why I an asking you – are you a combatant or a non-combatant? Armed forces of what country do you represent, or you don’t represent anything?

  • I’m in Donbass People Militia.
  • What’s Donbass People Militia?
  • DPR armed forces.
  •  What’s DPR?
  • It’s a country.
  • My friend, let me tell you: there is no such country.

… To give you the right for self-determination… you should be separate… someone should acknowledge you… right?

  •  People express the right…
  • People express the right… it they express the right for self-determination… then someone should recognize all these actions, right?
  • Who? American government?
  • What does this have to do with America… Listen, Fedor? Is that your name? Fedor?
  •  Where are you from? Novorossiysk?
  • How did you get here?
  • I just came here.
  • How did you just come here? To “just come here” I crossed the border, what about you? How did you come?
  • The border is open – anyone’s free to cross it.
  • It’s called illegal invasion to the territory of another country
  • Oh, no… that’s nonsense.
  • Who are you by profession?
  • I’m an economist.
  • An economist? And you, an economist, just took a weapon and went on your way? Right?
  • I could not watch…
  • Watch what?
  • How regular people were being killed.
  • Did you see it yourself, how regular people were being killed?
  • Not with my own eyes.
  • So the rule “don’t believe it until you can see it and touch it” doesn’t apply to you? Right?
  • It partially applies.
  • What do you mean “partially”? … How could it be possible to evaluate what you did not see yourself?
  • How could I see it? I would have to join Right Sector…
  • What for? Wait, wait… I can clearly see how your comrades shoot my comrades, without joining the DPR militia… I see it personally, understand?… Personally saw it…

… and have the evidence of it… To my great regret, I can’t show it to you now, but I have the video of the bodies of our soldiers retrieved with bullet entry holes in the backs of the head and bullet exit holes in the forehead, and forensics confirmed, and it could be seen even without forensics, that their hands were tied behind their backs. They were just executed like that. Shot in the backs of the heads. That’s what I can prove to you. I saw it personally myself. And to tell about someone somewhere in Right Sector… Everyone’s fed up with Right Sector already…Have you seen this Right Sector yourself? Have you been at war long?

  •  No, not for real.
  • At war?
  • Since September.
  • Since September? And you’ve never seen Right Sector?
  • I am always at chEckpoints…
  • CheckpOints, you are distorting the great and mighty Russian language now! A man with a higher education! It’s a shame to see you distort the language! So who are you fighting? Ghosts? If you never saw them… I will bring you this video later… Of course you don’t believe my words but you will see it yourself… see it yourself…
  •  It’s a provocation
  • Of course, this video shows a man, who was later captured – it’s all a provocation… I am talking with you – this is also a provocation… I have a question – you went to a checkpoint… I just want to ask you – why the fuck did you come here?
  •  To protect regular people.
  • To protect them from who?
  • From those who kill them.
  • And who are you? Look, you would shoot me — why? Can you tell me?
  •  Because you would shoot me.
  • Did I shoot you? Even once?
  • No… Not now…
  • Oh, now… ok, I’m an enemy for you, we are talking. In Russian, mind you. I speak better Russian than you do… You see… If I go to your checkpoint… in Ukrainian uniform… right? Military uniform… and you will shoot… why will you shoot?
  •  I won’t shoot…
  • My dear friend, if that had never happened I wouldn’t be asking you these questions… Get it?
  • Someone shooting people who just went… to a checkpoint?
  • Do you know how many times I was shot at by your DPR? Without shooting them. Do you know how many times? Even just going for negotiations…
  •  And how many?
  • More than 20 times! A vehicle convoy moving… in the territory of its own state. And then people like you start shooting… Question: for what reason?
  • Possibly there was some prior history…
  • Wait… what fucking prior history?
  • Then it’s necessary to shoot. That there’s some kind of war ethics established…
  • What? War ethics? Ethics?!
  • ..
  • War ethics? Where are your chevrons? Where is your allegiance to any country? War ethics… Don’t give me crap about war, friend… Unlike you, I have two military professional specialities… And I didn’t buy them for bacon or with bribes… two hard earned specialities… Do you understand, my friend? And it’s not for you, an economist, to teach me the war ethics… the first question – what branch of military forces and of what country do you belong to? – Here’s your first question of military ethics… basic question…
  •  I‘ve already said…
  • Ok… where are your documents that prove your connection to that state and its military forces…
  • But you took my passport.
  • Stop! What documents?
  • Identification card…
  • I have your identification card… Your identification card of the People Military of Donbass. You are the citizen of another country. By law, you are a mercenary… And mercenaries here… So that… who are you here? A gangster?
  • I’m not a gangster.
  • You’re a gangster. My friend, you’re a gangster, captured with a weapon in your hands… Were you captured with a weapon?
  • Are you citizen of this country?
  • I’m a citizen of Russia.
  • Wait… What does that mean, that you’re a citizen of Russia? You’re a citizen of Russia –you’re all right in your Russia, get it? You can join the Russian Army, nobody would argue… But that’s there – in the territory of Russia. And you are in the DPR territory – right? I’ve already heard all this nonsense about “American mercenaries”. But you are not the citizen of DPR. Based on what law did you take a weapon in your hands and started fighting in this territory?
  •  DPR government has to decide this.
  •  Decide what? Do you know the government of DPR at all?
  • I saw many of them
  • That you saw them… That’s the same as I saw Pamela Anderson, but I don’t know her… Angelina Jolie… also good-looking… Who do you personally know? Who of DPR leaders can vouch for you? Can your commander vouch for you? I just want to understand: you came to DPR territory and just started patrolling a checkpoint by yourself?
  •  Yes
  • Wait! So, you stole the weapon?
  •  No
  • Where did you get it then?
  • It was issued.
  • Who issued it to you? Are there any papers? Was it recorded?
  • There were supposed to be records…
  • What does it mean “there were supposed to be records”? Do you know that the lack of accounting of weapons and other supplies is a precondition for theft? I won’t burden you with jurisprudence, but that’s a criminal charge… So someone made records about you, and some boss gave these to you… And who was the boss? Also a Russian citizen, or a citizen of DPR?
  • I did not ask for his passport.
  • Stop! You went to some random guy and said, “please give me a weapon,” and he said, “sure, take it”? That’s it?
  • I was sent from a military commissariat.
  • What military commissariat?
  • In Donetsk.
  • Wait… What military commissariat can be in Donetsk? DPR?
  • State military commissariat
  • Wait… Who recognized this state?
  • The most important thing, it was recognized by people.
  • What people?
  • People of Donetsk People Republic.
  • How much of DPR people have you seen?
  • Who else should recognized it? By USA?
  • What does… Mind you, you’re the only one here talking about the USA all this time. Mind you, I as a person am talking to you as a person… Not about USA, Germany and other nonsense… Have you ever been in jail?
  • You’ll get your chance now… because all your…
  • I got it already that I won’t get out of here…
  • Theft of a weapon, though you said that it was issued to you…
  • It wasn’t under Ukrainian jurisdiction, and you shouldn’t stick your nose in it.
  •  Where are you now? In what territory?
  •  In DPR territory.
  • Who decided that? Gubarev?
  • I know that people of such cities as Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Debaltsevo – they don’t want to see any of you… Do you know why? Because all you bring is filth…

Edited and translated for InformNapalm.org and Burkonews.info

Language of original – Russian

Translator: Eugenia Zlamaniuk

Editor: Max Alginin

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