Episode 3 of the interrogation of a Russian combatant in Donbass

Here is the 3rd episode of the conversation between the  terrorist, Fedor Ustinov, who came from Russia to fight for the DPR.  After Ustinov was taken prisoner this recording was made of the conversation between him and a Ukrainian officer who was trying to find out what motivates the Russian mercenaries.  The video contains a bit of swearing, though generally it’s polite enough. The replies of the Russian combatant clearly demonstrate the absurdity of the Russian propaganda and its horror stories about “Right Sector” and “Kiev Junta” and other labels that Russian media tries to attach to Ukraine.

As previously reported, Fedor Ustinov, a DPR terrorist and a citizen of Russia from Novorossiysk, born in 1983, was captured near Debaltsevo in the second half of October.

We divided the conversation of the DPR combatant from Russia and the Ukrainian officer into 3 episodes. You can watch the first episode  by clicking here, or the second by clicking here