Warning to the West: Ukrainians will not accept playing the role of a small coin

ConflictOn February 5th, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko hosted a trilateral meeting with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President of France Francois Hollande at his presidential administration offices in Kyiv.

Media sources across the globe have made use of the controlled leak of information about the meeting,  new Franco-German initiative exposed is, essentially, another attempt to “gain the Beast’s favor” by letting him eat up the next piece of Ukrainian territory.  Of course, all of this is wrapped in slogans promoting the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the «uncertain status» of the area controlled by the terrorists of the DNR, LNR and the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian territory.

 A reminder should be given about the Crimean peninsula occupied by Russia in March 2014, where the old and newly deployed military bases of the Russian Federation have been strengthened. These military bases can be determining factors in the aggravation of the situation in the Black Sea region with Crimea used as a bridgehead for missile strikes not only into the territory of into mainland Ukraine but also into neighbouring countries. Currently, it seems to be impossible but as practice shows the XXI century is ruled by the same law as it was hundreds of years ago — the law of arms and power.

Countries armed with the nuclear baton allow themselves to attack smaller countries and encroach on their territory integrity and inviolability, though they actually declared in international treaties that it was precisely this integrity and inviolability that they would uphold.

However, Ukrainians don’t belong to the nations which can be brought to their knees. While colluding with the enemy, Ukrainian and European countries leaders forget that the Kremlin puts its money where its mouth is and that it doesn’t give a whit for signatures on paper; there is no other law but the law of force.

If Europe hopes to lull the Russian Beast with Ukraine, it is deeply mistaken, as the Beast is insatiable and having plunged one European country into war, it will soon continue with the second and the third …

Politicians, Presidents and Oligarchs, we would like to warn you: Ukrainians are neither meat nor a small coin in your political intrigues, and one day the time will come when new Titans will arise in the heart of Ukrainians as their spirit has already been roused on Maidan and hardened under fire…

Do you think we are joking? – No, it’s just the beginning…

InformNapalm Team

Translated by Marina Kharkova

Edited by James Hydzik

The Tour of Duty of the 200th Special Purpose Separate Motor Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy in Rostov Region and in Ukraine.

Shelling of Ukrainian territory by Russian artillery was discussed several times in the past. There is much evidence of it on the Web. We were able to identify multiple Russian army units which performed bombardments of military convoys and bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the territories adjacent to the Russian border, fired from both Russian territory and within Ukraine.

In an effort to gather evidence of the direct involvement of Russian Armed Forces in an undeclared war against Ukraine, we found fresh photos and videos showing  “wandering raids” of a rocket artillery unit of a battalion tactical group of 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

According to the existing documents, day and night bombardments were performed from locations in Rostov region close to Ukrainian border (presumably from the areas near the villages of Uglerodovsky, Anikin, and Gukovo) and directly from Ukrainian territory, near Krasnodon. See the photo attachement of 26 slides, and videos:

— As Luhansk People Republic.  A volley of a “Grad” battery, July 2014; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dww-9LUtCRU&feature=youtu.be

– A night volley of a “Grad” battery; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTyAewgr_UA&feature=youtu.be

– A lot of fun in Gukovo. An MLRS volley to Ukrainian territory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtH9ZpfmaMw&feature=youtu.be

The first batch of photographs show the units artillery detachments



This 2nd batch of photographs below show the combat and transport vehicles of the combined unit. The vehicles lack license plates, but they have instead affectionate names of mothers and loved ones like “Antonina Ivanovna,” “Nafisa,” “Kristina,” or Soviet symbols and slogans such as «Death to the fascists,» «For Stalin,» «Death to Aydar,» and other nonsense.

Photos and videos were obtained from servicemen of 200th Brigade of the Northern Fleet.


4-t-72-za-stalina-1024x6885-sau-akaciy-1024x6466-btr-80-sssr-1024x6808-antonina-grad-1024x73610-grad-kristina-1024x690See also other texts on this subject:

200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy in Ukraine;                                                                                             


— 291st artillery brigade’s “Tour of duty” from Crimea to Donbass; https://burkonews.info/291st-artillery-brigades-tour-duty-crimea-donbass/
– About flying ”Grad” MLRS https://www.facebook.com/irakli.komaxidze/posts/626503984129518

– Identification of the Russian invasion forces. The units and their losses in Ukrainian territory.


– Identification of Military Units and the Armament of Artillery Elements of the Russian Invasion Forces;

Author: Irakly Komaxidze

(с) This information was gathered exclusively for the project InformNapalm. Copying and use of the materials are allowed provided that a reference to the author and a link to our website are given.
Russian original:



Translated by: Maria Holubeva

Edited by: Max Alginin

ARES Research Report Misses the Russian Supply Link in the Ukrainian Conflict (Part2)


This article is Part 2 of the review of the Armaments Research Services (ARES) research report `Raising Red Flags: An examination of Arms and Munitions in the ongoing Conflict in Ukraine (Research Report No3, November 2014). Part 1 focussed on the very valuable summary of unique `Flag Item’ weaponry being used in Ukraine by the separatists. It is argued that this data adds to the body of evidence that the Russian military is supplying weapons to the battlegrounds of Eastern Ukraine.

Part 2 however focusses on the critical weakness of the report and responds to the apparent inability of the authors of the report to acknowledge direct Russian involvement in the conflict, despite all evidence (including their own and other well-known sources) to the contrary. The fact that the authors fail to even acknowledge Russian involvement in the fighting, other than in the Crimea where Russia has itself formally acknowledged its forces, sets up their inability to draw appropriate conclusions regarding sources and supply mechanisms of the Flag Item weapons highlighted in Part 1. These first and second components of this article are therefore integrally linked.

I therefore conclude that while the report is a very valuable contribution to the knowledge base of the weapons being utilized in the war in Ukraine, it is questionable in its analysis of the sources of supply, and therefore in its conclusions. And yet in the information field reader perceptions of analysis and conclusions are everything.

ARES report cover

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Buryat community against the war in Ukraine

For several days now we have been witnessing the saga of the deployment of military troops from the Eastern Military Distinct of Russia to the Ukrainian border. Buryat servicemen from Ulan Ude and Kyakhta are deployed to the Rostov area under the pretense of military exercises. Upon arrival, contracted servicemen are instructed that they could be engaged in the “humanitarian” operation in the territory of Ukraine, and they are made to sign non-disclosure agreements.

russia-zabaykalsky (buratya)

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November 17, 2014 Weekly Summary by InformNapalm group

17kartaAt the end of last week a few significant changes happened, which in one way or another could affect the balance of the confrontation:

  1. According to the field reports, the Russian servicemen captured by Ukrainian security services (Evgeniy Tur and Alexander Bondaruk) provided the information about gradual reorganization within the militant groups, and about cleanup operations and «disappearances» of unwanted or uncontrollable individual militants or even their whole groups, conducted by the Russian armed forces, under the protection of the Russian special services. This “restructuring” has as its goal the creation of a unified army of Novorossiya, strictly controlled by the Russian security services. So far these activities have resulted in the worsening of the situation caused by periodic skirmishes among gangs, Cossack groups, DPR, and LPR groups. In such circumstances we foresee increased deployment of the regular Russian military, which will replace the poorly disciplined gangs in the Donbas.
  2. Over the past week, the guerrilla movement in the Donbas has become more active. Previously, we saw isolated attacks, but now you can see the tendency of increasing activity against the separatist and Russian forces by locals living in the occupied zone.

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More on the story of the army sergeant captured in Ukraine (evidence)

As you may recall, on November 6  the team of “Inform Napalm” published the video message of Evgeniy Tur, the sergeant of Russian military unit 30616-6 of the 523 Guards Training Motorized Rifle Regiment. (More information is here: https://burkonews.info/russian-army-sergeant-captured-ukraine-video/)

The video, titled “I’m in Slovyansk!!!”, was posted by Evgeniy Tur on November, 5, at approximately 12:30 on the social network site VKontakte (https://vk.com/id106286824).

Our publication has received a wide public resonance, and the video from the page of the Russian sergeant was promptly spread by domestic and foreign media, but some gave to it more connotation of scandal, calling the video “A Russian soldier addresses Putin.» This was caused by questionable reporting by some media outlets, and not by our channel. In the video the sergeant did not speak to Putin, only answering the questions of a man behind the scene.

In the video background is the Slavyansk railway station. This fact doesn’t leave any chances for the Russian propaganda to claim that there are no the Russian military in Ukraine. However, it used a more sophisticated move, calling this sergeant an ‘actor’ and his page a fake.

By the way, some trolls insisted that the video was «fake» since behind the sergeant the sign «Slavyanskiy», not «Slavyansk” appeared in the distance.  Let us explain for heavy minded:» the city is Slavyansk «,» the station is Slavyanskiy »

Let’s consider some additional facts now:

Let’s take a look at the page of the sergeant in the Vkontakte social network. No, we’re not interested in what he, or someone else on his behalf, writes. We are interested in what others write about him:

Following comments on the post and the video. The first two comments to the video:
Fedor Konuykhov: [email protected] disaster!!!! Just seen!! Elena Didenko: Shit! Zhen’, take it easy there, you were set up skillfully…

Checking the pages of users:
Fedor Konuykhov (http://vk.com/id24373052)

Elena Didenko (http://vk.com/enka_penka)

Both pages belong to the people from the city of Vladimir. According to their comments, they know Evgeniy personally. The pages are real.

The comments to the post:
Mikhail Novikov (http://vk.com/mike_angel) also from Vladimir. He claims to be personally acquainted with Eugeniy:
— Тhe only thing is it’s not him writing this)
— Anton, as opposed to you I know him

The page of this user is real too.  The first post is on January 12, 2009.

Moving on. It’s becoming more and more interesting. Here is another comment by Anatoly Mayorov

  • Anton, no need to distort the reality… I know Tur very well… Been working with him more than a year… I heard that he planned to reach the Crimea in a tank – chasing some money… As for slaves… So you are also a slave and so what…

-Anatoliy, I like your education. You are a military professional. Are you in active duty now?
Higher educational institution: the Golitsynsky Russian FSB border guards Institute (http://www.gpi.fsb.ru)
Department: border guards
Chair: the 1st battalion
Form of study: Full-time course
Status: Graduate (Specialist)
Here’s Anatoli himself.

But that is just for starters. There’s still more.
We have the personnel list from the military unit, where Evgeniy Tur served (listed as no. 22):

We decided to go through this list and find his colleagues in social networks. Here are some of them:

1. Egor Karelin  (https://vk.com/senninha)

  1. Mikhail Vasiliev (https://vk.com/id13178578)
    3. Viktor Kochnev (https://vk.com/id18087663)
    4. Dmitriy Zveznenkov (https://vk.com/id24781759)
    5. Rustam Aliskenderov (https://vk.com/id45863494)
    6. Evgeniy Arbuzov (https://vk.com/id63647228). By the way, he reposted the video from the page of Evgeniy Tur:

7. Mikhail Sadkov  (https://vk.com/id133400159)

  1. Mikhail Vrublevskiy (https://vk.com/id154964979)
    9. Zeinitdin Aliev (https://vk.com/sershant94):
    10. Mahamed Bagandov (https://vk.com/rbagandov)
    11. Anatoli Ivanov (https://vk.com/id240481444)
    12. Evgeniy Pozdeev (https://vk.com/id247619503)

During our investigation we made a sociological study as well, which pointed out that the motto of the Russian soldiers is, “Leave your friend in trouble and in any unclear situation, hide your head in the sand». To our direct question «Do you know Evgeniy Tur?» only Rasul answered that he knows him. The others tried to deny it, although Arbuzov reposted the video of Evgeniy in Slavyansk later.

It is noteworthy that while the Russian Federation awards the terrorists with various diplomas and medals in Donbas, the imprisoned or killed military personnel remain hidden from public, their existence denied both by the official propaganda and small-time trolls.

Well, doesn’t the homeland need the active duty sergeant of the Russian armed forces Evgeniy Tur? According to the Russian canons he is not in Ukraine, therefore there’s nothing to be done about it. Russian soldiers, remember, you are only tools, brainless meat for your motherland, which won’t give even a sixpence for you…

Evgeniy was lucky. He was captured by ‘ukrops’ (Ukrainians), he can now drink coffee and reason that he should’ve “listened to his mom”. But some of his teammates were less fortunate — they become fertilizer for the rich Ukrainian soil.
You always have a choice…

Russian army sergeant captured in Ukraine (video)

This is the story about the adventures in Ukraine of Evgeniy Tur, the sergeant of Russian military unit 30616-6 of the 523 Guards Training Motorized Rifle Regiment. He described how he went on a ill-fated trip to war with Ukraine on the orders of the high command.

The Russian sergeant also explained the concept of ‘the lost ones’: the soldiers, who don’t want to participate in armed hostilities, go missing.

The video, titled «I’m in Slovyansk!!!», was posted by Evgeniy Tur on November, 5, at approximately 12:30 on the social network site VKontakte (https://vk.com/id106286824). A few hours after publication, it was removed from his page, but we have screenshots and a saved copy of this story.  On November, 6, at 08:00 the video on Evgeniy’s page became available for viewing again.

The copy of the video from Evgeniy Tur’s page.

Also we have found online a more complete record of his conversations and added it to our YouTube channel:

Screenshots and photos from the page of Evgeniy Tur:

222 Тур Тур4 Тур5 Тур6Translated by: Eugenia Zlamanuk